Skateboard wax: what is it and how to use it

Lilly Pennings

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Ready to level up your skate game and slide like pro skater? Then say hello to skateboard wax. Wax is essential for your skateboard to slide, that’s why you need to know how to use it. This little secret weapon is a game-changer that will have you slaying the streets in no time. Leave your mark and build legacy on the streets, and in CityLegends. Let’s get to know skate wax, what it is, how to use it and why you need it.

What's the hype about skate wax?

Picture this: you're cruising down the streets on your skateboard, and suddenly you spot a rail or a stubborn ledge. You're determined to conquer that urban obstacle, but your trucks or deck aren't sliding quite as smoothly as you'd hoped. Enter skate wax, the hero that reduces that pesky friction and helps you slide with finesse. With skate wax, you’ll grind and slide along easily.  

There are two easy ways to use your wax in this case. The first is to rub the wax on the rail. The other is to rub the wax on the back of your deck or trucks. Want to maximize the smoothness? Rub it on both. This way you’ll slide away like never before.  

Skate grind

Choose the right wax

Not all skate wax is the same quality. Look for a dope wax that suits your style and preferred surfaces. Whether it's ledges, rails, curbs or even skateparks. Wax also comes in loads of shapes and sizes, make sure to pick one which is easy to carry along your adventures. Regular candle wax won´t do it. Skateboard wax is oilier and more stable, it´s the better way to go.  

How to wax like a boss

So, you've got your skate wax in hand. Now it's time to put in work. Here's a guide to unleashing the full potential of your wax:

Step 1: spot your target

Identify the surface you want to conquer. Is it a ledge? A rail? A curb? Your choice!

Step 2: prep the surface

Before you apply that sweet wax, make sure the surface is clean and ready. Remove any debris and give it a quick wipe-down if possible.

Step 3: rub it down

Take your wax and rub it onto the surface you're tackling. Apply generous, yet smooth, strokes to cover the target area.

Step 4: spread the wax

Spread the wax evenly with your trusty deck's trucks. Use the pressure of your body weight to distribute that wax evenly.

Skate trucks

Step 5: test the slide

Now's the time to put your skills to the test. Hop on your board and see how that wax amplifies your slide game. It will blow your mind!

Tip: Looking for a ledge, rail, curb or just a skate spot to test your wax? Check out CityLegends for the best spots worldwide.  

Maintain and reapply

Keep in mind that wax wears out over time, especially after countless grinding sessions. If you notice your slides becoming less buttery, don't hesitate to reapply some wax. Don't let friction kill your vibe.

Wax: your best friend while grinding

In the epic world of street legends, owning your lines and conquering the concrete is the name of the game. With this knowledge about how to use skate wax, you’re one step closer to becoming a better skater. With the right skate wax, you'll unlock a whole new level of smoothness and control. You'll grind like a pro and leave your mark on the streets like a true legend.  

Skate grind