Skate truck 101: the skate trucks guide

Lilly Pennings

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Skate trucks are the part of the board which support the wheels and the deck. Without trucks, no movement, no way to attach wheels to the board, no skateboard at all! Want to know all about them? Then you’ve come to the perfect spot. It's time to get the lowdown on skate trucks.  

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Skate deck

Skate trucks - what are they?

First things first, skate trucks are the metal components that attach your wheels to your deck. They consist of a baseplate, a hanger, and a kingpin. Skate trucks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can customize them to fit your riding style.

Size matters - choosing the right trucks

Skate trucks come in different sizes, depending on the width of your skateboard deck. The width of the hanger should match the width of your deck. Trucks that are too wide or too narrow won't perform well and can lead to a wobbly ride or inability to turn. Just as when not equipped with the right gear, you won’t have a safe ride.  

Skate truck

Hanging tough - anatomy of a truck

A skate truck consists of a baseplate, which is mounted on the deck, a hanger that houses the axle and wheels and a kingpin that holds everything together. This also determines the tightness of the board's turning radius. The angle of the baseplate, also known as the truck's "degree," is another factor that affects how your board turns. Good to know, right? Especially when you want to DIY your own skateboard.  

Trick it out - picking the right trucks for tricks

Different types of tricks require different types of trucks. Some tricks work best with lightweight trucks, while others require heavy-duty ones. For example, if you're into grinding and sliding, you might want to go for low-profile trucks that give you a lot of clearance. This way you’re balanced at high speed.

Skate truck

Trucks maintenance - keep them running smoothly

Just like any other part of your skateboard, skate trucks need maintenance. Especially if you’re a legend at the skate part and drop-in bowls multiple times a week. Make sure to regularly clean them and tighten any loose bolts. Keep an eye on your bushings, as they'll need to be replaced over time.

Final thoughts about trucks

In conclusion, skate trucks are the unsung heroes that make your skateboard turn, grind, and slide. By choosing the right trucks, maintaining them properly and mastering your riding skills, you'll become the ultimate street legend. Hope this guide helped see the worth of this essential part of the board.