Skate shops in Downtown LA

Emmy Schouten

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Are you looking for some new skateboard supplies? Or do you just want to explore the latest urban fashion? Skate shops are the place to be! They are packed with all the skate gear you could dream off. From major skateboarding brands to newcomers in the game. Even if you are not looking to buy anything, you can get in touch with the local community! It can be though to locate these gems. Especially in the busy streets of Downtown LA. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of our favourite skate shops in Downtown LA.

Concrete Visionary DTLA

Concrete visionary is a super unique brand! It has a location in LA and even a skate shop in Barcelona. You can find this one on 1155 S main, in Downtown LA. This location has some stunning decks on the wall. These super unique designs will definitely turn heads on the streets! The shop itself is super well-organised. From the shop to the products, everything inside is very neat. Outside the shop is a little concrete testing area. You can try out some tricks first before spending some real cash. But that’s not the only thing special about Concrete Visionary. The brand also specialises in insoles! You can get some of the comfiest insoles designed for all kinds of action. It will feel like skating on a cloud ;).

Skate shop

Non Factory skate shop LA

Non Factory is a community favourite! This shop is open 7 days a week. You can get everything here, from streetwear to skateboarding gear and more! They often have some great deals. You can get some sick T-Shirts with serious discounts. Their streetwear pieces are posted all-over Instagram. Recently they’ve added more sneakers to their store. You can shop the freshest skateboarding shoes all-year around. They have a variety of skateboarding brands to choose from so make sure to come prepared ;). Also don’t skip out on the caps! Non factory has one of the biggest cap-collections Downtown. You can find them on 108 S. San Pedro, Los Angeles.

America’s Best Choice SKB, INC.

You will find the friendliest staff at America’s Best Choice! This small shop is tucked away in Toy District. You can find it on 328 Omar Street. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but is packed on the inside! Every inch is covered with colourful decks. You won’t find designs like these anywhere else. They also have every colour wheels imaginable. What colourful combo would you pick for your deck? America’s Best Choice supplies starters with essential beginner skateboarding gear. The staff will guide you through all the essentials. Nothing tops the service here! They will help you set-up your board personally. That way you can smoothly hit the concrete for miles to come. Looking for a skate spot to try out your new set-up? Check out this page! Here you’ll find the coolest skateparks around the globe.

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