The best 6 skate parks in Anaheim

Maud Buskens

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Peak Park Skate park

Let's get right into it! This skate park is perfect for street skaters. The Peak Park Skatepark was renovated in 2014, since some parts were built out of wood in 2003. The now fully concrete park has a wild variety of features, which have been modernized during the renovation. There are multiple rails, ledges, quarterpipes, pads, banks and even a funbox. While the park is unsupervised, it is mandatory to wear safety gear. Skateboarders and inline skaters are welcome from 8 am till dusk!

Peak Park
Pic credits: Chris Mike Smith

Ponderosa Skate park

You’ll find another great concrete skate park a little further to the south side of Anaheim: Ponderosa Park Skatepark. This park seems to be a local favorite since it’s well visited every day. Opened in 2016, the concrete park has all the features you’ll need for street skating. Rails, some ledges and pads, and a volcano. No matter your skill level, everyone is welcome here!

There is a unique feature in this park: the bowl. According to a local old school street skater, the bowl is designed like it’s a backyard swimming pool. This is how they used to skate back in the ol’ days ;).  

Ponderosa Skate park
Park tour:

Anaheim West Skate park

This park has some serious history. The Sadlands park used to be located right here. Based on the 60’s vision of a lunar landscape, this park was opened in 1974. It was a tremendously popular spot to skate. Even Tony Hawk himself used to skate here, until its demise in the 80’s.  

Nowadays, you’ll find the Anaheim West Skatepark here. You can still see the original design, with the craters of the moon and such. The Sadlands park wasn’t designed as an official skatepark. So, the park has had some big upgrades, with skateboarding as its function in mind!

Anaheim West Skate park

Schweitzer & Palm Lane Skateparks

The Schweitzer Skatepark is a bit smaller in comparison to the previously mentioned parks. Nonetheless, this park is truly an urban and street hotspot surrounded by basketball and baseball areas. Embracing the agriculture roots of Anaheim, Palm Lane rocks a pair of banks shaped like orange slices. Both parks have beginner and advanced friendly features for every skateboarder to enjoy.  

Anaheim is obviously known for being the home of Disneyland. Apparently, Mickey and Minnie like to go skating, since Disney supported the building of both parks with their donations. Enjoy the 5000 Sq Ft parks and make sure you don’t injure Mickey on your way 😂.

Logan Wells Memorial Skatepark

This park truly shows the beauty of a close community, despite the tragic event that happened. Logan Wells, a late skateboarder, was struck by a van while skateboarding and unfortunately passed away. In honor of Logan, his family managed to raise $190.000 through fundraising to build the skatepark memorial. This park provides a safe place to keep Logans passion for skating alive. In 2019, one of his greatest wishes was fulfilled: the opening of a skatepark in the local community. The park has a variety of street features in a compact space of 4500 Sq Ft. Maybe not the biggest park space wise, but definitely the park with the biggest story! Check out more about this awesome initiative right here.

Logan Wells Memorial Skatepark