Santorini: Parkour Paradise

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Santorini is one of Greece’s epic highlights, not only for their beauty but for their terrain as well. The white organic shaped houses and streets create a sick place for parkour. The island has a lot of places to perform dope tricks and work on your flow as a free runner, the organic shapes on this unique island allow you to work with terrain in a really playful way. Many free running competitions take place in Santorini for this reason, sick right? No wonder Santorini is that popular amongst urban athletes and mostly freerunners.

The title legendary spot is more than fitting for the ‘freerunning place to be: Santorini’. Where are the best spots at? Check CityLegends or read along.


Fira: parkour and hospitality

Fira is an absolute hotspot. It’s an epic location for bars, restaurants, Airbnb’s, hotels. That means a lot of public places to parkour. That’s why the course of Art Of Motion is located in Fira. Fira free runners are really lucky to have this dope terrain all around them. The plaza of Fira is a great place to hang out with other freerunners and contribute to the scene.

Emporeio: narrow alleys and big jumps

This place is ideal for freerunning. The Greek town has many narrow alleys, you can go to higher grounds at any time. These alleys give you a shot to learn sick new tricks. The roofscape is limitless with a lot of room for badass jumps combined with great flow. Over the rooftops of Emperio you get to see more of the epic town of Emperio while freerunning. If you love parkour you should definitely try visiting this spot!


Pyrgos: chill spot for practice

Another place to parkour like a pro, is Pyrgos. This place is a little more lowkey than others. It isn’t a popular town, but should be for freerunners because of the insane terrain. The pro’s of this spot are that it’s relatively quiet so it’s a pretty chill spot. Here lies the ability to take time to record the best parkour CityLegends clip.


Oia: one of Art of Motion’s best tracks

In the beautiful Oia lays the new Art of Motion track. The world's most talented freerunners come together and everyone has a blast over parkour. This place always has a stunning sunset and a ton of freerunners. Find this spot in CityLegends and check to see if you can do the best trick on this legendary spot!

CityLegends Santorini

As you’ve read there are killer parkour spots in Santorini. It seems like this place has it all: terrain, great atmosphere, roofscape, parkour spots, pretty sunsets, and competitions. Santorini deserves recognition for allowing people to explore and be shredding in new environments. Santorini is what a legendary spot looks like.

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