Parkour for beginners - 6 tips to get started

Jimmy Hermans

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Want to get started with parkour? Let’s go! Parkour is culture where the streets become your playground. If you know how to freely move around obstacles, parkour can be really freeing. That’s why people who parkour are called freerunners. If you want to get started with parkour, this blog is your best friend.

Kong vault

6 tips to get started

We have the best tips on how to begin with parkour and maximize your potential as a freerunner. Let’s get started!

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Tip 1 - Safety first, always!

Safety is the no tip and should be your top priority. Parkour can be a very intense and dangerous sport. Invest in high quality shoes that have great grip and support for your feet. Wear comfortable clothing that allow freedom of movement. Look at wearing protective gear like knee pads and gloves to minimize the risk of painful injuries. CityLegends tip: Parkour is about pushing boundaries, but never sleep on safety!

Tip 2 - Start off strong

Parkour is not just about flashy flips and stunts; it's about mastering the basics. Begin your parkour training by focusing on training a lot for a strong foundation. Start with improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility. These qualities lay the groundwork for executing parkour movements with finesse. So, start off strong and focus on building your skill at the start!

Tip 3 - Control and spatial awareness

Parkour revolves around precise movements and spatial awareness. Practice controlled landings, known as "rolls," to lower the impact of jumps and drops. This technique not only helps protect your joints but also boosts your control and stability during parkour lines. Control and spatial awareness really help with bringing your parkour to the next level. Show your skills off in CityLegends!

Parkour jump

Tip 4 - Learn important moves

The exciting world of parkour movements is huge. Starting with the "Precision Jump", leaping from one point to another with precision and accuracy. Mastering this move will increase your confidence and prepare you for bigger jumps. Be sure to put safety first and don’t overestimate yourself while jumping.

Next, embrace the art of "Vaulting." Vaults are smooth ways to step overcome obstacles, they are similar to small jumps. Develop a range of vaults like the Lazy Vault, Speed Vault, and Kong Vault. These moves will get you to gracefully overcome obstacles in your path, while seamlessly blending into your urban environment.

Tip 5 - Overcome fear

Parkour is not just a physical street sport, it's a mental one too. Facing fears and overcoming obstacles play a big role in parkour growth. Trust your abilities, break through mental barriers, and slowly push your limits to unlock the exhilarating freedom that parkour offers. You can freely parkour on all kinds of cool terrain afterwards.

Tip 6 - Share the thrill

Parkour is a lifestyle that thrives within a community. Seek out local parkour classes or connect with experienced freerunners to exchange tips, progress, and collective inspiration in. Explore, create and own the best spots with CityLegends. If you’re into competing, CityLegends is the place to be as well! Upload your parkour clips and compete in battles and tournaments.

Conclusion - Get started

Parkour is about embracing the freedom to creatively explore your urban environment and pushing your personal boundaries. With determination, practice, and a supportive community by your side, you'll unlock your inner urban legend. Get started by following these beginner tips and go into parkour with as little fear possible. You can do it!

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