3 Skate Events in LA

Junior Sanders

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As the temperatures rises and the sun gets hotter, LA becomes a Mecca for skateboarding events. We’ll give you a short overview of upcoming skateboard events in LA you have to check out this spring and summer!

10c41 Skate Jam

True to the scene, 10c41 have been a big punk influence in LA skateboarding for a long time now. Starting out as a local skate team with crazy hair and “10c41” (LOCAL) as an Instagram hashtag, they’re now organizing one of the best skate jams in LA. Punk rock, sick tricks, and even sicker hair, the 10c41 Skate Jam is where you need to be if you like punk and skate.

Last year’s jam was in June. This year’s jam has not been announced yet. If you want to be there, keep an eye on their Instagram and website for the announcement.

Fucking Awesome Skate Jams

Fucking Awesome was bursted into the scene in 2001 by Jason Dill and Anthony van Engelen. Two skate legends that now make sure the parking lots in LA get plenty of shred time. FA skate jam is a yearly thing and is sponsored by big names like Thrasher and Adidas. Every year they pick a rugged parking lot in LA, turn it into a street course, and blow minds with motorbike assisted skaters that do police car gap tricks. Yes, you read that right. Later in the night the cop car was set on fire and cops rushed the scene. Shit was fire, literally.

Next one is TBA, but will most likely happen in September 2024. Keep your eyeson their Instagram and don’t miss out!

Red Bull Origin

The history of skateboarding will be celebrated in the weekend of May 31st at Venice Beach. Three days of skateboarding competitions, skate sessions, and invitational games during Red Bull Origin. As we all know, Red Bull knows how to organize skate events, and this one is looking like it’s gonna be a banger. Especially considering there’s an insane $50.000 prize pool! Perhaps, no cop cars will be set on fire. But if you’re looking to see pro riders compete and watch some fire tricks, this is the event to visit.

Check out more info here.

Red Bull logo

While you’re in LA, and you’re looking for some sick spots so ride, check out our spotmap in CityLegends to find your next best spot. Also, if you’re not one to compete, but want to give it a go anyway, you can compete online in CityLegends!