From streets to stadiums: India Sardjoe’s Breaking Olympic debut

Emmy Schouten

India Sardjoe (18) is one of the biggest sensations of the Paris Olympics. She will be representing the Netherlands in breaking, one of the upcoming urban disciplines. All eyes will be on her August 9. But where does this young talent come from?

Staying grounded

Born and raised in The Hague, India started when she was only 7 years old. Her enormous talent caught on and she quickly became a teen-sensation. Even with all the attention, Sardjoe remained down to earth. Her family supported her massively throughout this journey. They always knew: India is a breaker. Even persuading her to quit soccer at an early age and focus on breaking only. They took her to all training sessions and events, all the way to Paris. Her mother, aunts, nieces and teachers will all go to Paris with her. This fanbase will keep the youngster calm during Breaking’s Olympic debut. Father Rishi decided to watch India from home, because he can’t handle te pressure. “If I go, I get super nervous and start pacing around.”

Winners mentality: more pressure, better performance

Unlike her father Rishi, India thrives under pressure. Her teammates (who are almost 20 years older) all know this power. Three-time world champion Menno van Gorp said “The more pressure or the more serious the event, the better she performs. Very promising for the Olympics.” She is super comfortable on a big stage. And that at such a young age. Humble and down to earth, but when the music starts, she lights-up. This confidence shines through. This B-girl competes for medals only. Her goal is to take a medal home one. A winners mentality through and through.

Olympic rings

Unique style

India is a true all-rounder. Every move is powerful and confident. Being so comfortable on the stage boosts here creativity. With dynamic transitions and rhythm, she connects the whole routine. Take a look at her performing in the 2022 World Final:

Prizes, prizes and prizes!

At only 16, India won the Red Bull BC One World Final (see clip above). This made her the youngest winner ever of the tournament. From this moment on, India secured her place in the world rankings. Her winning streak continued with gold on the European Games of 2023. This medal secured her ticket to Paris. Besides all this international success, India dominates the Dutch breaking scene. She is a two-times reigning national champion. Soon, she’ll need a new trophy cabinet for all her prizes ;).


Traveling first - school after

India just graduated from High School. Now she can fully focus on her Olympic performance. Next year she’ll take a gap-year. No more school, but solo-traveling the world for this teenager. Hopefully, with another medal around her neck.