How to make a skate deck in 5 steps

Lilly Pennings

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Are you ready to unleash your creativity and build the coolest skate deck ever? Get ready to dive into the world of DIY skateboarding. There is truly something about creating your own skateboard. It instantly creates more of a connection with your deck. To get started, it’s nice to have a specific place where you want to build your deck. Make sure it’s a safe space to experiment and create a mess while forming your deck. Now, let's get this deck-building party started with these 5 steps.  

Skate deck

Step 1: choose your deck style: find your style

Your deck is like your personal accessory. Decide on the shape, size, and concave that matches your style. We have a whole guide right here. Whether you're into old-school cruisers or modern popsicles, choose your favorite. This is the base of your board, so choose wisely.  

Step 2:  select the perfect material

The secret sauce of a sick skate deck lies in the layers. Select a material which you feel is the best fit for you. You have multiple options like epoxy or the classic maple. Find your deck with the right number of plies for you. This creates a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. It's all about finding that sweet spot!

Wooden skate deck

Step 3: saw and sand your way to awesome

It's time to get your hands dirty. Again, shape is important. Choose the perfect shape which fits you before you start crafting. Use a jigsaw to shape your deck, making bold cuts and curves. Once you're done, grab some sandpaper and smooth out those edges. You’ve got yourself the base of your deck!

Step 4: grip it good: tape it, rip it, get mad traction

You ain't shredding without grip. Put that grip tape to work. With grip you won’t slip off your board, which is very nice to say the least. Lay it down on your deck, press and rip. Witness your creation come to life. Don't forget to trim away the excess with a razor for a smooth look. Grip it tight!

Step 5: add your personal flair: get fly with colors, stickers, & art

Time to make it truly yours. Bust out those markers, paint, or stickers and unleash your inner artist. Express yourself! Bedazzle your deck with your unique style. Turning that plain wood into eye candy on wheels. There’s a great platform to show off your board: CityLegends. Post a clip of you making the board, riding the board, whatever you want!  

Decorating skate deck

Roll with your DIY masterpiece!

Congratulations! You've unlocked the secrets of crafting your own epic skate deck. From shaping, gripping to adding your personal touch. You´re ready to roll like a legend. You can add trucks and wheels yourself or go to your local skate shop. They will make sure they are of great quality. Grab that board, hit the streets, and show the world your handmade masterpiece!