How to choose your deck: 6 tips to help you out 

Lilly Pennings

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Ready to roll and skate? The first step to becoming a skateboarding prodigy is to find the perfect deck. So, let's dive into what makes a skateboard the best fit for you. These tips are to get you the best deck imaginable. Check them out and end up with your perfect match.

1. Safety first: get equipped

Skateboarding with an old board of your dad seems like a plan. However, it might have cracks, splintering, lack of grip or just isn’t sturdy anymore. A safe deck is important while skateboarding. Look for sturdiness, flexibility, wood quality and grip. Never ignore safety while choosing your deck. Check out your essential skate gear here. Skate safe.

2. Size matters: choose your size

When it comes to skateboard decks, size is crucial. A deck that matches your shoe size and riding style is perfect. Small sizes like 7.5" (width) are good for tricks and technical moves. Large sizes like 8.5" (width) are for cruising and ramps. Deck size can impact stability and control, so choose wisely. Great, you’ve got your size down! Let’s move on to material.

Skate deck

3. Skate deck material

Deck materials come in two forms: maple and alternative. Maple decks, created from Canadian maple are known for their strength and pop. If you’re looking for a solid option, go for these bad boys. Resin is also a good option. The layers of maple wood are stuck together with epoxy resin, not glue. This makes the board lighter and more rigid. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

4. Concave: choose your curve

The concave of your skateboard deck is the curve from side to side. This offers unique feels and benefits. Low concave suits technical street skaters. Low concave provide stability for tricks and slides, sick right? Medium concave has a balance between control and comfort. This is more suitable for all-around skaters. High concave delivers max. grip and control for vert and bowl riders. Find that curve that suits your liking, and skate along.

Skate deck

5. Shape of the deck

Shapes of skateboard decks vary in multiple options. Common shapes are the popsicle shape, the old school shape (bowl deck) and the modern shaped deck. The popsicle board has the nickname Twin-Tip. The ends of the board are shaped the same. This board is the go-to for street skateboarding and has been around for years. The old school deck is great for bowls and turns. The modern deck is a combination of the popsicle and the old schoolboards.


6. Deck art

We all know style matters, right? A skateboard deck isn't just a piece of wood. It can be an expression of who you are as a skater. Deck art is mostly on the back of the deck. It doesn’t really have a function, but it’s cool. It does separate your board from others, which is useful. Tip: You can buy a blank deck and create art on the deck yourself!

Skate deck art

Now you know the ins and outs of finding the perfect skateboard deck. It's time to hit the park and unleash your inner skate legend! Remember to consider safety, size, material, concave, shape and art. Looking for inspiration for skate decks, tricks, battles and tournaments? Go to CityLegends. So, hit the streets, and enjoy your perfect deck.