Hollywood, packed with the best street skate spots

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You want to hit the streets in Hollywood? Perfect, we've got some street skate spots for you. Get ready to stroll the city running into skate obstacles to play with. This is where the city becomes a playground. Buckle up and join us as we explore the sickest street skate spots this iconic city has to offer. Shred like a legend in Tinseltown!

Hollywood sign

Tip: Safety first: want to explore the city with your board? Make sure you do it safely and equip yourself with some sweet gear.  

1. Sunset Boulevard Bliss: Where street skate never sleeps

Sunset Boulevard is the capital of street skateboarding in Hollywood. Roll down this iconic strip, navigating through traffic and pedestrians, as you stroll under the city lights. With the wide sidewalks, you have plenty of room to skate. It is busy though, so make sure you ollie over a pole, not a person.


Street skating in Hollywood

2. Hollywood High: The ultimate stair-set challenges

Prepare to conquer the legendary Hollywood High, where massive stair sets are your ultimate test. This infamous Hollywood Street skate spot is a 16-step stair. Plenty of people try to conquer it, want to go next? Throw down tricks, huck yourself down those steps and leave your mark as a true stair shredder.

3. Melrose Plaza: Urban oasis of ledges and rails

Melrose Plaza is an urban oasis for street skaters. Here, you'll find a variety of ledges, rails, and manual pads to unleash your creativity and show off your gnarly lines. The perfect spot if you want to play with some obstacles while skateboarding.  

4. Vine Street madness: Grinding the Hollywood curbs

Venture into the heart of Hollywood on Vine Street, where you'll discover endless curbs waiting to be conquered like a celebrity. Slide and grind your way through the famous Walk of Fame, leave your mark like a true legend. When you’re there, make sure to post a clip on CityLegends.  

Hollywood and Vine Street Sign

5. L.A. Courthouse: A playground for skaters and skaters only

Make your way to L.A. Courthouse, a legendary spot nestled in downtown Hollywood. Skaters from all walks of life converge here to challenge their skills, capturing epic footage that becomes viral gold. The spot is known for its terrain. Major brands like Nike support skate events at this spot, make sure to check it out.  

6. Echo Park: The hidden gem for DIY skateboarding

Want something more lowkey? For a taste of the authentic DIY skateboard scene, head to Echo Park. You'll find creative homemade ramps, DIY spots and a vibrant community of skaters pushing the limits and creating their own dream skate spots. Maybe you can make one too!

Skateboard drop in

Have fun on your Hollywood stroll!

Now you know the best spots for street skaters in Hollywood. The district is packed with street skate spots that will take your skills to new heights. Grab your board, fuel up on some Cali vibes, and let the asphalt be your canvas for epic tricks and unforgettable moments. Find a new sick skate spot? Add it on CityLegends.