The history of skateboarding by the decade

Lilly Pennings

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Skateboarding has a long history. What started out as an on-land surfboard, grew into the biggest urban sport ever. Skateboarding is more than just a hobby or a sport, it's a lifestyle. The skateboarding scene has its own rich history throughout the decades. In this blog, we're taking you on a journey through the epic timeline of skateboarding.

Skateboarding's roots

Let's turn back time: skateboarding's roots

Back in the 1950s, California was the place to be. Where surfers rode the waves and craved an adrenaline rush when the waves were flat. Inspired by surfing, people decided to take surfing to the streets, attaching roller skate wheels to wooden planks and boom! Skateboards were born.

The '70s: the golden era of skateboarding

The '70s were when skateboarding exploded like a firework. It became a full-on movement. With innovations like different types of materials for wheels and boards. The shape of the board began to form as well: kicktails changed the game forever. This allowed skaters to ride the streets and empty pools with style and ease. It was a whole new level of exploration.

Bones brigade and vert skating: the '80s takeover

When the'80s rolled in, skateboarding wasn't messing around. The Bones Brigade crew, led by legendary skater Tony Hawk, took vert skating to mind-blowing heights.With rad flips, aerial tricks, and colossal ramps, they became icons of the skateboarding world. Real competitions and endless tricks were first done in the ‘80s, paving the way for future skaters.

Mainstream skateboarding

Street skating revolution: the '90s and beyond

Enter the '90s, where street skating exploded into a global phenomenon. Skateboarders took to the streets, mastering the ollie, grinding rails and jumping over stairs. Counterculture movements like punk and hip-hop embraced skateboarding, giving it a rebellious edge that resonated with skaters worldwide.

From X Games to Olympic glory: skateboarding hits the mainstream

Fast forward to the present and skateboarding has reached new heights. It's all about the X Games, where riders showcase mind-blowing tricks and insane athleticism. And guess what? Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport too! Legends are taking the world by storm, bringing skateboarding to the people.

Looking forward

The history of skateboarding is a testament to the human spirit. It's about pushing boundaries, defying norms, and embracing individuality. So, grab your deck and keep pushing the limits of what's possible. Now you know the history throughout the decades, it’s time to look forward. Skateboarding has taken the online world by storm. Want to be part of it? Join CityLegends.