Hidden skate spots in Little Tokyo - Downtown LA

Emmy Schouten

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Little Tokyo is one of the coolest parts of Downtown LA! This colourful decorated part of town feels just like Japan. Even better, it is filled with plenty of hidden skatespots! You don’t need a skatepark to get started here. In this blog we’ll take you through some of our favourite places in Little Tokyo - Downtown LA.

Little Tokyo

Japanese American National Museum  

The Japanese American National Museum is a great spot skateboarding spot! The place is surrounded by a concrete sidewalk. There is a great stair-set here. It is a 9-stair with curved rails in the middle. This unique rail shape pushes your creativity! It is a though ride to master but worth the challenge. There are benches lined up near the stairs. The height difference will give you plenty of speed. This spot is near a busy street. Make sure to watch your surroundings and check if it is safe. The museum is open till 5PM and closed on Mondays. It is best to explore this concrete after opening-hours.  

Square Main Street - Temple Street

This is a super sick square! It is made out of bricks. This pattern makes it a super satisfying ride. This square has unique shaped ledges and quarters. You can find quarters spread out all over the square. All obstacles flow nicely together, and you can make some cool combinations. They are quite steep and a challenge for all skaters. You can also explore a staircase nearby. This square has plenty of trees. It will keep you cool during the hottest days! You can endlessly practice your skateboarding tricks here.  

City Hall South

Another gem is directly behind the City Hall South. This place has all the best obstacles! There is a smooth concrete path that leads to some ledges which are perfect for beginner skateboarding tricks. Starters can even try to grind here. There is a small hill perfect for a revert. There is also a 11-stair just south of the City Hall. It is the perfect place to get your board of the ground 😉. It isn’t usually that busy here, it’s a pretty big floor. This gives you enough space to practice the skateboarding basics.  

Skateboarding in South LA


Square Los Angeles Street - First Street  

Our last hidden skate spot is just on the corner of LA Street and First Street. It is a pretty green square with plenty of shade. There is a super nice brick pyramid in the middle of the park! This obstacle is a guaranteed challenge. It has a kind of round shape and is not very steep. You can easily hit this with just a little speed. You can incorporate some of the benches and ledges in your ride. There is a 6-stair with a rail on the west-side. It is quite compact, so you can push yourself to get creative here! The obstacles flow together all throughout the square. Post your favourite combinations in CityLegends!

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