The 5 coolest hidden skate spots in Santa Monica  

Emmy Schouten

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Sometimes your favourite skatepark can get a bit crowded or boring. You want to look beyond the borders of your favourite ramps? The best option is to explore some new spots. Explore the streets of Santa Monica. Get creative and make your own line! In this blog, we’ll help you along. These are the coolest hidden skate gems in Santa Monica:

Santa Monica Public Library

The Santa Monica Public Library is the perfect place to skate! It has very smooth concrete and you’ll glide over it easily. It has some cool blocks stacked near the stairs. What tricks would you try on this challenging spot? You can hit some nice tricks on these! There is also a super smooth ledge. Definitely check this out if you’re looking for a chill grind. The concrete gaps will make sure to lift you of the ground. There can be a lot of people walking during the day. Lucky for you, it will get a lot quieter around 8 PM. It even stays well-lit after dark. So, make sure to add this spot to your list!!

Street skateboarding

First Citizen Bank Plaza

The First Citizen Bank Plaza is a must visit! They have the smoothest floor and plenty of ground to cover. The place is filled with stairs, ledges and benches. There is a super nice 3 stair with a curved edge. You can gather some speed and hit your favourite tricks! There are also a lot of flowerpots near the benches. These pots have some edges that you can check out. Make sure to apply plenty of wax and gear up! There aren’t that many people walking here during the day. Make sure to check out your surroundings, especially the busy crossroad. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic 😉.

Santa Monica Pier Stairs

This spot is just outside of Ocean Front Walk and the Pier Playground. It is one of the most advanced spots on the list. There is a 3x3-stair that flows together perfectly! This spot is challenging even for professional skateboarders. Make sure to wear some good skateboard gear before hitting these stairs. Beside this stair-set there are also benches and ledges to try out. The concrete is pretty smooth. There isn’t a lot of space so make sure to manage your speed. This spot has the best view! You can watch the sunset and the beach during your set. What’s not to love?


Tongva Park  

Tongva Park is a city park on Ocean Ave. There is a smooth concrete path all throughout the park. There are multiple stairs with some handrails. All these vary in height and size so even beginner skateboarders can hit them. For the most advanced skaters there is a 12-stair spot. All these come with bumps, pole jams and benches. You can push your skills here. The soft grass besides the concretes will break your fall 😉.

Santa Monica Blvd - 12th Street

Our last hidden gem is a little square on 12th Street! This spot has it all. There are stairs, rails, ledges, gaps and banks. The floor here is perfect for skateboarding. There is smooth concrete all-over. It is a known spot in the community. You can meet some new people and learn some sick tricks!