Get a grip! How to grip your skateboard in 5 steps     

Lilly Pennings

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Want to know how to grip your board? Let’s find out with these 5 easy steps. Second question: are you ready to level up your skateboard game? One essential skill that comes in very handy when you’re a skateboarder is gripping your board. A solid grip ensures maximum control over your deck, giving you the confidence to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. So, get to know the steps of gripping your skateboard.  


Why grip matters

Before we jump into the ‘how-to’, let's quickly address the ‘why?’. A fresh grip tape provides the perfect surface for your feet to stick to, ensuring stability and preventing nasty slips. It's like having super glue for your shredding adventures!  

Choose the right grip tape

Don't settle for a boring grip job. Choose a grip tape that matches your style and personality. Opt for bold colors, wicked designs, or your favorite brand's logo to make your skateboard truly yours. Remember, your grip tape speaks volumes about your street cred, so go wild!

Getting started: must have grip gear

Here's what you need to pull off a good grip job:

  1. Skateboard deck
  1. New grip tape
  1. Razor blade or grip tape cutter
  1. Screwdriver
  1. Hairdryer (optional)

Grip on skate deck

Step 1: remove the old grip tape

Time to strip away the old and make way for the new! Use a razor blade or grip tape cutter to carefully lift a corner of your old grip tape. Slowly peel it off, revealing a blank canvas. Be careful while doing this, protective gear like gloves is recommended!

Step 2: clean your deck

Scrub off any leftover grip tape residue and grime using a cloth or old toothbrush. A clean deck ensures optimal performance for your new grip. That’s what you want!

Step 3: lay on the freshness

Now comes the fun part - applying your new grip tape! Align it with your deck, leaving a slight overhang around the edges. Use short and even strokes to press the tape onto your deck, eliminating any air bubbles or creases. Take your time, this is an important step. Let it dry for a short while.  

Step 4: cut to perfection

With your razor blade or grip tape cutter, trim off the excess grip tape around the edges of your deck. Do it so you don’t have access grip hanging over the edges of your board. Keep it smooth and sharp.

Optional step: heat it up!

For the ultimate bond, consider using a hairdryer to warm up the grip tape. The heat activates the adhesive, ensuring a solid grip that's locked in for the long haul. Just don't fry your deck!

Step 5: poke and screw

Grab your screwdriver and poke holes through the grip tape, aligning them with the pre-drilled holes in your deck. This step ensures your trucks will fit snugly, allowing for smooth rides and sick ollies.

Final step: get shredding!

Now that you've mastered the art of gripping, it's time to hit the streets. Whether you're more of a street skateboarder, or a solid visitor of the skatepark. Your solid grip will have you riding like a true legend!

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you ride, the more your grip becomes second nature, aiding you in owning the streets. Want to literally own the streets? You can! Own, add and explore skate spots in CityLegends! So, go out there, own those tricks, and let your grip tell your story to the world!