How to grind on a skateboard: step by step guide

Lilly Pennings

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Welcome to the world of the skateboard grind, where the concrete becomes your canvas, and your skateboard is an extension of you. In this blog, we're diving deep into adventure of mastering the ultimate street trick - grinding. So, grab your board, strap on your helmet, and get ready!

Skateboarder grinding on rail

What's a skateboard grind?

Skateboard grinding is the heart and soul of street culture where boundaries are pushed. It's the art of sliding and gliding along various obstacles, from rails to ledges with style and finesse. Grinding allows you to shred the streets freely like a pro.

Grind that rail or ledge safely

First things first, before you attempt to nail this trick. Make sure you’re not completely new to the board. It’s way safer if you know how to manage a board, so you don’t fall and break stuff. Also, make sure you’re equipped with the right gear.

How to master the grind: step by step

Here's the lowdown on mastering the art of skateboard grinding:

  1. Choose your spot: find a spot with rails or ledges which have enough room for a safe grind.
  2. Get in position: approach the obstacle with confidence, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and focus on your target. Make sure your board is totally balanced and your stance is perfect.
  3. Ollie into it: pop an ollie and aim to land your trucks securely on the rail or ledge. Pop your board upwards to secure this grind
  4. Balance is key: shift your weight and find the sweet spot to maintain balance and stability. Don’t lean back- or forwards too much. This way you’ll fall.
  5. Slide with style: glide along the obstacle, keeping your body low and your board in control. Grinding is a super-fast trick, try to stay calm.
  6. Nail the dismount: As you approach the end, prepare to dismount smoothly, and roll away like a pro. If you’re a pro, pop a trick at the end.

Become a grind master

After you’ve conquered your first rail, get ready to up your game. Explore thestreets with your new skill and make sure to perfect your grind like a pro. With a trick like a grind, it makes it easier to dominate the streets and skate parks. Practice it as much as you can and make clips while doing it. When done, upload your clip to CityLegends for legacy. You may even win a battle, challenge, or tournament!

Challenge the streets - take on sick spots

The streets are your playground, and sick grind spots await your arrival. From handrails to concrete ledges, these spots offer endless opportunities for you to showcase your grinding skills. Take on notorious spots like these like a pro. Found a spot? Upload it to CityLegends! The place to find, own and add skate spots all around the world!