The full pipe: a skater's guide domination

Lilly Pennings

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Skaters, are you ready to conquer the ultimate challenge and own the full pipe like a true legend? We all know the little brother of the full pipe: the half pipe. When there’s nothing left to learn at a bowl or a half pipe, some crazy skilled skaters go for the full pipe. Are you one of them? Then equip with safety gear, tighten those trucks and get ready to dive into the wild world of full pipe domination.

What's the full pipe?

The full pipe is a notorious skate obstacle. It looks like the inside of a pipe, but then a lot bigger. Basically: when you stack one half pipe on top of the other, resulting in a full circle. This gives the ability to skate upside down for a bit. When skateboarding in a full pipe, you need crazy speed to not fall down once your upside down. So, don’t tackle this obstacle unless you’re an absolute pro.

Steps to full pipe domination

1. Gear up: safety first

Again, before you even think about dropping in, get yourself suited up in the right gear. Helmet? Check. Kneepads? Double check. Check o for your must-have skate gear. Look the part with your gear and own that full pipe like a legend.

2. Size matters: start small and build your confidence

Just like with anything in life, start small and work your way up. Find a smaller, manageable full pipe to get comfortable with the feeling. This will boost your confidence and set the stage for ultimate domination. Also, get comfortable doing tricks inside the full pipe.

3. Drop in with style and speed

When it's go time, take a deep breath, commit, and drop in with style and speed. A must is that you know how to drop in with your skateboard. Pump your legs to generate momentum and let the adrenaline fuel your soul.

4. Master the art of carving

Carving is the key to unlocking the full potential of the full pipe. Shift your weight and use your body to move around the curve like a master. It's all about that flow, rhythm and making it look effortless.

Tip: Looking for a full pipe in Europe, check out the huge one in Antwerpen.

5. Experiment with tricks and blow minds

Once you've got the carving down, it's time to bring the heat with some mind-blowing tricks. With the most impressive one using all of the full pipe: skating a full circle. Skateboarding on the walls of the pipe is already gravity defying, even crazier is the top. Again, be safe and wear protective gear while attempting this. Definitely don’t try this alone! Make sure you have something soft to land on and a buddy to help you out. Let's be real, you won’t master the full pipe in a day. Even if you are an absolute pro. Keep trying and get up once you fall down. But most importantly, put your own safety first.

Skateboarder in full pipe

Own the streets

When dominated the full pipe, you absolutely own the streets. Make sure to also own the spot where you conquered the legendary full pipe in CityLegends. The full pipe is not an obstacle for beginners, so be extra careful when attempting it. But don’t let anyone hold you back from building your skating game gradually. So, be safe and own the streets.