Cycling BMX Freestyle on the Paris 2024 Olympics

Emmy Schouten

Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games. The whole summer is filled with epic sport competitions! Multiple street sports were introduced in 2021 in Tokyo, so was freestyle BMX. Everything is perfected in the smallest of details. From the location, the course, to the fans ;).

Olympic History

BMX Freestyle got its first run on the Olympics at the 2018 Youth Olympics. It was first hosted in Buenos Aires. This instantly became a huge hit, with crowds lining up to see the stage. The International Olympic Committee added it to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. It became one of the most thrilling competitions. A true fan favourite!

Olympic Rings in Paris

When is it?

The BMX qualification rounds will start July 30th. The women will kick-off the event with their qualifying round, starting at 13:25. Make sure to add this to your agenda! After that the men are off to go. Starting on a weirdly specific time: 15:12. After that, we’ll know the Olympic finalists. The riders only get one day to rest up for the finale. The women’s BMX freestyle finale starts on July 31 13:10, and the men’s finale on 14:45. It is the moment riders have been waiting for for 4 years! After that, the winners will be announced, followed by the medal ceremony. Who will get gold in Paris?

Where: Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde is transformed into an iconic open arena! With a skateboarding bowl, BMX course, basketball courts and plenty of seats. All the urban disciplines will compete here. The layout is designed to replicate the urban environment. All the elements of a true street course are included. With smooth patches of concrete, street art, and all sorts of urban stalls. La Concorde is located in the heart of the city: where all street sports started.

La Concorde

Course and rules

One by one, the riders will get a chance to convince the jury. The goal is to complete as many sick tricks as possible in 60 seconds. Scores will be based on the difficulty level of the tricks, the height of their jumps, the style and execution of their routine, and of course the creativity! The riders push their limits and showcase the coolest tricks. Just take a look at the men’s BMX freestyle finale in Tokyo, you’ll get what we mean!

Who are competing?

A total of 24 riders will compete in the BMX Freestyle Olympics in Paris. 12 men and 12 women have qualified for the Games. They got their ticket in one of the qualifying rounds:

  1. Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS) – May-June 2024  
  2. 2022 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships – 9-13 November: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  3. 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships – 3-13 August: Glasgow, Scotland

Riders must also be at least 15 years and have a valid rider’s license from a National Federation. This year, some big names made it to the list.

List of riders