8 classic BMX tricks: from bunny hop to x-up

Lilly Pennings

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BMX is a sport with legendary tricks. It’s mind-blowing to see them in person. These 8 classic BMX tricks will make you own the streets. Some of these tricks are classic because of their simplicity and some earn their classic status by being absolutely impossible. Ready to up your game and learn all about these tricks and how to do them? Read along.

Bunny hop

1. Bunny hop

Every BMX rider needs to master the bunny hop. It's not only essential for clearing obstacles but it’s also a launch pad for more advanced tricks. Get ready to jump off the ground and defy gravity. The bunny hop is where the real airtime begins. Take off with the bunny hop.

2. Manual

The manual is all about perfect balance on your back wheel while rolling forward. It's a timeless trick that lets you glide effortlessly down the street, showing off your control and finesse. Nail the manual, and you'll turn heads wherever you ride. This trick also helps you a lot when becoming more advanced.

3. 180

The 180 is a trick that adds a touch of style to your BMX skills. As you approach a ramp or obstacle, launch yourself into the air and twist your body and BMX 180 degrees. Mastering the 180 will make you one step closer to becoming a pro.

4. Grind

Ready to add some serious street cred to your riding? The grind is where it's at. Find a rail or ledge, pop your bike onto it and let the metal screech as you slide. Grinding is essential for street riding, and it's an absolute must-have in your trick arsenal. Owning a grind gives you loads of freedom on the streets, which makes it a classic.  


5. Barspin

If you want to take your tricks to the next level, the barspin is a must-learn. As you catch some air, grab your handlebars and give 'em a spin. This trick adds flair to your jumps and showcases your control and confidence in mid-air. Becoming a pro already!

6. Tailwhip

Maybe the tailwhip is just the trick for you. Launch yourself off a ramp, kick the rear of your bike with your foot and let it rotate 360 degrees beneath you. Here you maneuver around your BMX. This moves screams style and skill. It’s a fun trick to easily impress people.

7. Superman

Now onto the real hard tricks. Prepare to feel like a superhero as you unleash the Superman. As you launch off a ramp through the air, fully extend your body and let your bike sail beneath you. This trick is gravity-defying, eye-catching, and takes true courage to pull off. Make sure you have your helmet for this one. It's time to become a legend in the skies.

BMX air trick

8. X-up

We’re in impossible territory now. Crisscrossing the limits of style and creativity, the X-Up is a classic trick that adds a unique flair to your riding. As you launch into the air, cross your arms and let your bike mimic an X shape. It's a trick that demands attention and showcases your insane skill level. With this trick you’ll win any battle in and out of CityLegends.

Keep shredding like a true street legend

Classic BMX tricks are the heart and soul of street riding. They showcase your style, resilience, and love for the urban landscape. Grab your BMX, embrace the challenge, and keep pushing the limits. With each trick you land, you'll become a legend in your own right. Keep shredding and become the best of the best by mastering these tricks. Own the streets.