Tips on how to build your own skatepark

Emmy Schouten

How to save money

You don’t want to drop your entire savings on a DIY skatepark. We’ll show some tips how to save some money here and there:

1. Use standard wood sizes

Most countries and construction stores have a standard wood size. For example in the US, a sheet of plywood is 4x8 ft or 1.2m by 2.4m (most of the times). Design your obstacle with the same measurements as the standard size. That way you don’t need to buy an additional sheet for just a few inches extra. It saves some cutting and cash ;).

cutting wood

2. Do most of the work yourself

It is very tempting to hire some professionals to help you with the job. Sometimes, you don’t even have a choice but to hire extra help. For example when pouring some complex concrete or with heavy machinery. But if you are able to do it yourself, go for it! It will save you so much money. For the same price, you can even DIY more obstacles. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

3. Less is more

You might want to build the biggest obstacles right away. But why spend your whole wallet on just one ramp? You can easily do the same tricks on a slightly smaller one. Budget wisely, and adjust the size if necessary. There are pro’s to smaller obstacles as well! You can store them in your house overnight and take them out when you want to skate.  

skate air trick over small obstacle

Material tips!

1. Two types of screws will do

For most of the park, only two types of screws will do. You don’t need to get fancy with multiple screw sets. Pick a big one, and a smaller. For those in the US, take for example size 1 5/8" screws and 2 1/2" screws (41mm and 63.5mm). Easy as that. Don’t even bother about nails- screws are more than enough.

2. Oil your wood

If you want your skatepark to last long, this step is essential! Oil your wood before putting it outside. That way moisture won’t get trapped in the wood. Otherwise it might cause rot and your hard work comes crumbling down.

Essential tools

1. Tape measure

Always use a tape measure when building! It is worth the extra time. Take out a pencil and mark where you measured. You won’t make unnecessary cuts or have a wonky kicker in the end ;).

2. Drill (and drill bits)

A drill is one of the most handy tools to use. You can get your screws in with no problems. It saves insanely much time and effort. If you don’t have one yourself, you can also rent one at your construction store. Or just call up your neighbours to see if you can borrow theirs.

drilling wood

3. Saw

This is essential for wood cutting. Either use a jigsaw or a circular saw. Both will cut just fine! You can adjust the wood to fit your design, or remove unusable bits.


1. Wear safety gear

Wear shoes with iron noses if you have them. Especially if you are carrying around some heavy bits. That way you will still be able to skate once the park is finished. Another essential is safety glasses. You don’t want any splinters in your eyes form all the wood cutting.

2. Two people is safer than one

Ask a friend to join you. Of course some parts can be done perfectly alone. You don’t need everybody watching you measure ;). But when moving heavy obstacles or operating serious machinery, it is best to have a friend close by. Four hands make it much easier and safer to complete.

3. Watch your hands when using power tools

This is the most important one of all. When you are using power tools, stay concentrated. Watch your hands and don’t get too close. Put your phone away or anything that is too distracting. Stay focused, stay safe!