BMX parts: guide to the perfect BMX

Lilly Pennings

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BMX is a big street sport. The BMX has many parts, all a great function when put together perfectly to make magic. To know and use these parts like a boss is important to boost your skill. When you have knowledge over BMX parts, you can customize your own BMX to the max. The world of BMX parts is wide open, let's elevate your ride to the next level. Strap on your helmet and check out what a BMX is made from!


When it comes to BMX, the fork is crucial for handling those massive jumps and tricks. The fork is the steel bar which supports your wheels and steering bar. Look for forks made from materials like chromoly steel or lightweight aluminum. They can withstand the most adventurous rides. With features like ample clearance for fat tires and headset compatibility, these bad boys deliver the ultimate performance.

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BMX gear


Your ride's handling is all about the bars, so make sure to choose ones that suit your style. From classic 2-piece bars to cutting-edge 4-piece bars, the options are endless. Tough materials like chromoly or heat-treated steel will withstand the harshest beatdowns, while awesome colors and sick designs add style to your setup.


Don't let your hands slip when you're throwing down sick tricks. The right BMX grips are essential for a solid grip on your bars. Look for grips made from durable rubber that offer comfort and a slip-free hold. With various colors, patterns, and flange options, you can customize your ride to match your liking.

Wheels and tires

Your wheels and tires are the foundation of your ride, so don't cut back on those. Invest in good BMX wheels that can handle the abuse of drop-offs and rough landings.Go for rims made from lightweight and extra-strong materials like alloy, while fat and knobby tires will provide the traction you need for insane tricks and buttery-smooth rides.

BMX frame


A smooth ride is every BMX rider's dream, quality bearings are the secret sauce. Bearings are small parts around the center of your wheel. Look for precision-sealed and durable bearings that can handle high-speed runs and heavy impacts. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, these bad boys will keep your ride rolling smooth as butter.

When done: detail with fresh accessories

To top off your BMX setup, you can add accessories that add that personal touch. From pegs and pedals to brake kits and chain tensioners. Add-ons can make or break your style.

Now that you're armed with the lowdown on the hottest BMX parts, it's time to step up your game. You know what parts to look for and what they do, your one step into becoming a BMX legend. Now shred the streets and post a clip of it to CityLegends. Share with your friends and worldwide street athletes and own the streets on your BMX with perfect parts.