Best skateparks in Lynwood

Emmy Schouten

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Lynwood is one of the coolest cities in LA! Leaving the skyscrapers behind of Downtown LA. It has small-town charm combined with urban spirit. There are Hispanic influences all throughout Lynwood. The community here is super tight. They host plenty of festivals and events. Even better, they have some super nice skateparks! In this blog, we have lined up our favourite skateparks in Lynwood LA:


Imperial Courts Skatepark  

Imperial Courts Skatepark is a great park in the heart of Lynwood! The park is pretty quiet. Most of the time you’ll have all the concrete to yourself. The park is packed with some great obstacles. There are ledges, rails, benches, banks, gaps, ramps, pyramids and a funbox! These obstacles are pretty smooth and great for beginners. Some of the ramps can be pretty steep so watch out for that! There is a colourful graffiti wall on the edge of the park. The street art gives the park a great vibe. There are lights throughout the whole park, so you can easily skate here after dark. Make sure to check this spot out when visiting Lynwood!

Monitor Skatepark

Another colourful skate spot is Monitor Skatepark. The concrete is decorated with some sick graffiti. This outdoor skatepark is gated, which makes it a super safe spot to explore! The floor is made of smooth concrete. There is a 5-stair, pool and flat rails. The park is kind-off clover shaped. The shape gives a nice flow throughout the park. You can combine the ledges with the rails and pool. Make sure to wear some protective gear when visiting the park. The place is well-lit and safe after dark.

WLCAC Skate Plaza  

WLCAC Skate Plaza is a must-visit! The skatepark is quite unknown. You can hit the concrete without getting disturbed. Mostly skateboarders visit the park. You won’t have to deal with scooters getting in the way of your tricks 😉. The skatepark is well-equipped. There are plenty of gaps, rails, ledges and stairs! There is a funbox, some pretty big ramps and a sick kicker ramp. These ramps all vary in height. You can endlessly switch things up here. Even beginners can try out some of these ramps. The park is pretty well-maintained. The only downside is the lack of light. It is fine to skate here during the day, but it is not well-lit after night. This gets in the way of skating safely, so make sure to plan your visit during the day!


Get skateboarding!

Explore Lynwood’s skateparks! They are perfect for all skill-levels. You can skate here all day long. Make sure to upload your favourite spots in CityLegends! You can explore your favourite spots and conquer the streets. Join challenges, tournaments, battles and be the best in Lynwood!