Best Skate spots South of LA

Emmy Schouten

South LA, just on the border of urban and green! There are plenty of cafes, stunning architecture all-around and cool parks to explore. Even this high-end and green area has plenty of hidden skate spots! We will take you through some of our favorite urban hotspots in the area.

Teramo Skatepark – A Community Gem!

Ladera Ranch is one of the biggest parks in LA! Hidden in this 14,000 square foot park is one of the tightest skate communities of Los Angeles. Teramo Skate Park is a hidden gem in the Ladera area! The park is exclusively built by Wally Hollyday. He is one of the lead designers of skateparks in The States! Hollyday builds award winning concrete and designs all over the US. They specialize in creating designs for all skill-levels. From beginners to skate pro’s, all are welcome here! The design of the park is topnotch. It has multiple bowls, rails, quarter pipes, stairs, ledges, and metal coping. The unique bowl shapes push skaters to their creative limits. It is open from 9am to 9pm. The park is equipped with plenty of lights to skate safely after sunset. It is well-known for its tight community. It is the go-to spot for skaters in the area. They have skate park pass. For a small fee, you can enter this community 7 days a week. This exclusiveness makes for a super personal community where local skaters can bond.

Skate community

Sendero Field- The perfect scenic park for cruising

Sendero Field is spacious green park with smooth concrete paths allover. It is great for laid back skating. You can explore miles of concrete in this green scenery. There are also plenty of stairs and rails to try out some tricks. It is generally not busy so you can skate in piece. There are also many playgrounds in the park. This is great for skaters to practice their creativity and explore new terrain. When you’re done skating you can grab a drink and chill in the park. There are also many other facilities in the park where you can try out sports like pickle ball or baseball ;).

Bethune Skatepark

Bethune Skatepark is a compact park with all the essentials. It is gated and has outdoor lights! That way you can practice here 24/7. There is a funbox, mini ramp and 4-stairs. All the obstacles flow together. You can easily combine your favourites in one run. Bethune is packed with rails and ledges. These are perfect for beginners to practice their skills. It might not be the biggest, but it has everything you need to get started.

Bike paths everywhere!

The urban scene goes beyond skateparks! You can cruise down some smooth bike paths and explore the area South of LA. The green nature is jaw-dropping. You can easily explore the countless cafes and hotspots of the area. You can also practice some beginner friendly tricks without the pressure of fellow skaters. It is a nice way to get a feel for skating and explore some sights!

Tip: want to know more beginner friendly tricks? Check out this page!

Get exploring! There is plenty to go about outside of the busy streets of urban LA. Post your favorite clips of the beautiful South in CityLegends!