Best skate spots in El Monte

Emmy Schouten

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At the end of the historic Santa Fe Trail is the city of El Monte! It has connected urban sites for decades. Now it is one of the liveliest places of LA. The community is a super mixed bunch. People from all-over the US travelled to this place. This creates one of the coolest urban scenes! This scene is responsible for the coolest skateparks in El Monte. In this blog, we’ll go over our favourite skate spots in the area.

Gibson Mariposa Skatepark

This skatepark is a brand new addition to El Monte! Gibson Mariposa Skatepark was build in 2020. The park is huge, with over 7,000 square feet of smooth concrete! It is designed together with the local community. This makes the park one of the nicest in the scene. Colourful orange details are added to all obstacles. You can grind down these orange rails and ledges. It will give you the coolest videos to post on CityLegends. Everything is still super smooth and well maintained. The park has a nice height difference and multiple stairs. There are two ramps on the edge of the park. You will gain enough speed to cover all your favourite obstacles. Last but not least is the huge clover bowl. Even the bowl is decorated with orange patches! Would you drop in this orange beauty?

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South El Monte Skatepark

Near the south of El Monte you’ll find another gem! This compact skatepark is fenced-off. You can safely explore all the corners without getting lost ;). It is a super beginner-friendly park. Everything is designed with the perfect height for starters. You can explore rails, ledges and benches. It isn’t as intimidating as some bigger parks. This is a safe-space for learning how to ride a skateboard. Want to know more on how to skateboard for beginners? Check out this page. El Monte Skatepark has all the obstacles you need to get started. There is a wooden ramp that flows into a bank. You can create your own line and flow through the park! Some benches are even curved. They are guaranteed to push your creativity. Lampposts are lined up near the edge of the park. You can even practice your skate tricks after dark. Make sure to visit this spot while you’re in El Monte.

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Five Points

Five Points is a neighbourhood in El Monte. This area is packed with many skate spots! On Magnolia Street - Mountain View Road you’ll find some cool stairs. You can recognise the 3-stair near the bright blue building. This concrete stair-set is perfect for skateboarding. There are ledges near the side you can try out. It is a well-known spot in El Monte. The grind-marks wont stop you from having a smooth ride! Just around the corner is a parking spot. It has ledges and you can use it as a kicker ramp. You will have enough space to safely cruise down here. What tricks would you try here?