Best skate spots in Hamburg

Jimmy Hermans

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It is essential to have hidden spots and skateparks that are not crowded, where we -skateboarders- can experiment, and let our creativity flow. In Hamburg, these spots are throughout the city, waiting for you to skate. Here are six of the best skateboarding spots in Hamburg:

Skatepark an der roten Flora

Located in the vibrant Sternschanze neighbourhood, Skatepark ‘an der roten Flora’ is a perfect spot for street skateboarders. The park features four different sections of obstacles, such as a bowl, a half-pipe, and several ledges and rails. With its concrete terrain, skaters can showcase their tricks and navigate around tight corners. It is essential to note that this park can be quite busy, so it's best to visit it on weekdays if possible.

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Skatepark, in Hafencity

To catch a sight of this skater's paradise, take the subway towards Hafen City. While all parks have their own unique flair, this one stands out for its stunning beauty. It offers a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, as the skate park is situated in Lohsepark. It's a popular spot for those looking to unwind and relax. Plus, the location is conveniently located right next to the harbor, providing beautiful waterfront views to enjoy during your breaks.

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Credits: Parkinspector


Skatepark Am Volkspark, in the Altonaer Volkspark

Skatepark Am Volkspark's primary focus is on ramps, and it doesn't disappoint. Professional skateboarders were involved in its design, ensuring a challenging design. The park features a small half-pipe, and various ramps located throughout the space. This park offers skateboarders a chance to test out their abilities and learn new tricks.

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Skatepark Volkspark — Surfskate Spot Guide Hamburg
Credits: Youthlagoon


Kelle Skatepark, in Eppendorf

This urban paradise is located on the campus of the University of Hamburg in Eppendorf. The park is well-known for the hump in the center that acts as a central hub, with rails, slopes, a lot of space and a pump bump throughout the park. It's a popular destination for skateboarders, so it's best to plan your visit during off-hours.

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Nicht weit laufen bis zum Kelle Skatepark | Mit Vergnügen Hamburg
Credits: hamburg.mitvergnuegen


Bramfelder Str, close to the Hamburger Puppentheater

This is a hidden gem for all modern street skateboarders who are looking for something different. The area is not meant to be a skatepark, but the obstacles and terrain present present favorable conditions for skateboarders. The texture of the ground and fixtures make it a unique and challenging spot to test out new tricks and experiment with new ideas.

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I-punkt skateland

For those seeking an indoor skatepark experience, I-punkt skateland is the perfect destination. This indoor park is exclusively designed for skateboarding, and it offers a variety of obstacles for skaters of all skill levels. From quarter pipes to funboxes, the park has it all. The following information should be kept in mind for the visit:

  • The park is exclusively for skateboarding.
  • There's an entrance fee of €10 for a day pass.
  • While no food or drinks are available on-site, visitors can take a break and refuel at nearby cafes and restaurants.

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Der Skatepark, die Halle und das Team • I-Punkt Skateland e.V.


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It’s time to check out Hamburg's hidden skating spots and test yourself at these unique locations. But remember that some of these sites are sacred and private, so make sure to show respect to locals and the environment. And want to know more spots? Definitely check out CityLegends, the app for street athletes and artists. Join us and be a part of the culture that defines our lives.