Best skate spots of Groningen

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The city Groningen is the urban sports capital of the province Groningen. Groningen wasn’t the best skate city before, there were few spots to find. But right now Groningen is full of them. In this blog the spots are rated by the urban sports community themselves, how cool? If you want to explore, rate and create spots yourself, check out CityLegends. If you're here to find the very best skate spots of Groningen, you’re at the right place. 

Colosseum: best indoor skate park of Groningen

This spot is the best indoor skate park of Groningen. The skate park is now up for restoration but it's promised to be an even better skate park than before with more obstacles to skate on. Colosseum owns its awesome name by giving the community a great place to skateboard. Because Groningen doesn’t have many (indoor) skateparks it’s important for the skate parks there to be of high quality, Colosseum is a great example.  

Skatepark Colosseum
Credits: Colosseum

Skatepark Stadspark

This brand new outdoor skate park is very popular. Such as Kasteellaan skatepark in Eindhoven. This spot is in downtown Groningen park. People really dig this spot because of the variety of obstacles, a bonus: the park is in the middle of nature! The park has bowls, rails, ramps, curbs, ledges and benches to chill on. No wonder this dope park is highly rated   in CityLegends with a 4.6. 

Skatepark Stadspark
Credits: Google

Skatepark Kardinge: nice chaos

This skatepark is known as one of the best in Groningen in the skate community. It has sick rails, ramps, flatground, curbs, you name it! The spot is in great condition and has room for all skills. There are also bars for calisthenics or parkour, which is rad because it brings the community together. It can be a bit chaotic. This spot is rated 4.4 out of 5 in CityLegends, an epic score! Why wait to check it out? 

Skatepark Kardinge

Groningen: A city to skate

Well, now you have a couple of great skate spots to visit in Groningen. These spots were rated by the skate community, that’s why these are the most important skate spots of the city. What makes Groningen a skate city is the range of locations to skate, the skate spots are really spread all around the city, that’s cool. Even cooler: check CityLegends for thousands of spots worldwide.