The best skate spots in Eindhoven

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Eindhoven is the place to be for skaters. The city has great urban terrain for skaters and many cool skate spots. Sometimes it’s hard to find new dope spots to skate. We’re here to help. The following spots are rated as some of the best by the skate community. So if you’re looking for a great spot to skate, read along and check CityLegends while you’re at it.

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Area 51: Skaters paradise

This is one of the most well-known and best skateparks in Eindhoven. The possibilities vary from starting on the smallest obstacles to conquering the biggest ramps and skating in bowls. Area 51 really has it all, that’s why skaters are so hyped about this place. The bar inside brings a great feel of community, here you can skate and have a place to chill in between skateboarding. Area 51 is not skate-only, there are many other urban sports who enjoy the place as well. Such as the skills: BMX, inline skate, scooter and soon parkour!

18 Septemberplein: flat skate heaven

This spot is great for when you want to practice cool tricks on a flat ground. The square is pretty big and the tiles are a very nice terrain to skate on, which is mostly why the spot is so popular. Some people weren’t so happy with the skaters being there, but the community stood up and they are officially allowed to skate at the square. So go ahead and check it out!


Kasteellaan: A skatepark in a park

In the middle of a park, lies a dope skatepark. The green around the park makes it a great place to skate and to hang. The park has a rail, ramps, flat ground, and a bowl. The skatepark is a great asset to the area, everyone loves the vibes the park gives off. Skateboarding spots like these unite people, from beginners to pro’s, they’re at this spot. This makes this sick spot one of best in Eindhoven.  


Kanaaldijk-Zuid: skate next to canals

This spot is a very upcoming spot amongst skaters. There are curbs, ledges and rails and the venue is great. The spot is super skate friendly and that’s why is has such a high rating. For skateboarding this is a dope spot. Kanaaldijk-Zuid is very lowkey with great room to skateboard, that’s why it’s becoming so popular.  



The centre of skate city: Stadhuisplein

Stadhuisplein is a dope place to skate. The spot is right in front of the city hall of Eindhoven. The spot is known for its skaters for years. Though the spot doesn’t have many obstacles, it’s still one of the most popular spots for skaters to skate and hang. The spot is pretty large and has about two ramps, some rails and a big flat square but what makes the spot dope are the people there. Spots like these are great because they’re outside and very welcoming for skaters.

Eindhoven skate city

Now you know some of Eindhoven’s best skate spots. For more spots, check CityLegends. Eindhoven really is one of the greatest of the country when it comes to sick skate spots.The city just has great urban terrain for skaters, and there are even more spots coming every day. These spots were some of the best rated in CityLegends, join us and be updated on the best spots around the world.