Best Skate Spots Downtown Los Angeles

Emmy Schouten

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Downtown Los Angeles is the face of the city. The impressive skyline is definitely an eye-catcher. Downtown LA is filled with cultural hotspots, creative businesses and plenty of shops. More importantly, it has some of the coolest skate spots of the west coast! We have picked out some of our favorite skate parks near the area!

Downtown LA

Lakestreet community center  

A compact park located in the middle of the city is Lakestreet! The park is located near the basketball courts just across from Hill Street. The park is not the biggest but has everything you need to get started! The layout is simple with some stairs, plenty of rails and two big ramps. It is very well maintained and super clean. Different skateboarding styles can mingle in the park. Beginners can start on the small ramp to get a feel of skating. It is perfect for learning how to skateboard. The bigger ramp is great for advanced skaters. The park pushes skaters to try out some creative combinations. Different skill levels can get together and connect!

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Lafayette Skatepark  

Lafayette Skatepark has one of the tightest skate communities downtown! The skaters are super friendly and supportive. Especially beginners will find the vibe amazing! This skatespot is located in a nice green park. The trees will provide plenty of shade for a hot day. The terrain is super diverse. It has unique round ramps and stairs all around! It is open 24/7 and plenty of lights make it possible to skate all-day. The park is an absolute must visit downtown!

Pershing Square

Pershing Square is best known for the nice bars and cool art galleries! The square itself however should not be ignored. It is a super nice piece of concrete to explore. The layout is set up with stairs on the side and round ledges in the middle. There are also plenty of rails to go about. This spot boosts the creativity of street skating and challenges skaters to think outside the box! The spot is not available during wintertime. They turn it into an ice-skating ring during the holidays. Make sure to check it out before Santa comes around.


Don’t forget to check out the streets!

The streets of downtown LA are filled with hidden skate gems! There are super cool stair rails near the Museum of Contemporary Art. There are also plenty of brick banks near the parks downtown. Near the Los Angeles library are also a variety of stairs, ledges and rails. These spots are for advanced skaters! It is best to visit them after busy hours when there aren’t bystanders in the way. Always prioritize safety first!  

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Explore Downtown Los Angeles!

There you have it! Our favorite skate spots in Downtown LA. Get your skateboard, protective gear and explore it yourself! Don’t forget to post your new favorite spots on CityLegends!