The best skate spots in Berlin

Lilly Pennings

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Berlin, a city that supports the urban scene like no other. Berlin has a dope alternative culture which is full of street art, skate communities, urban events, sick skate spots and parks. That’s why skaters all around the world come to Berlin to be part of the great skate scene.  If you’re looking for a place to experience the skate world of Berlin to its fullest, here are some of the best skate spots of Berlin.

Mellow Park: skate ramp heaven

This park may be called mellow, but it’s fit for daredevil skaters. The very steep ramps make this place the spot for pros. Although the terrain mostly consists of sick ramps, there’s plenty of room to skateboard if you aren’t that advanced yet. Be fully ready when you try the big ramps, they can be pretty high. In short: check it out if you’re not afraid to get up once you fall down.

Street skater

Skate Park: "Dog Shit spot"

The name doesn't really do this spot justice, it's quite a cool spot actually. This skate park is the perfect example of a Berlin skate park: it’s next to a train track in the middle of the city and there is street art all around. The spot can’t be more urban, this is a big reason why the skate spot is so popular. Another reason is the variety of the skate park: ramps, ledges, curbs, rails, quarter pipes, mini ramps you name it. Check it out if you want to have a good skating session at this urban skate park.  

Kulturforum: skate spot of culture

This spot is one of a kind because it isn't necessarily a skate park, the spot is a square. It's on the Potsdamer Platz in front of the Kulturforum: the place of museums, library's, research and concert halls. The spot is super dope and inspiring which is why skaters like to come here. The terrain of Potsdamer Platz is mostly flat, which makes room for sick lines and tricks. Handrails, stairs and banks make this spot a great place to skate freely. Red Bull even hosted skateboarding competitions at the Platz, how cool?

Street skater

Mauerpark: the skate park

This famous park in Berlin is a host for all kinds of cool activities, skateboarding is one of them. There are many asphalt paths in the park and a bunch of natural objects which you can use if you skate. The park is filled with urban culture like street art and many other urban sports like BMX, scooter, parkour and aggressive inline. Check for more spots for skate or skills like the above in CityLegends.

Skatepark Ringpark: skate park for all

This skate park south of center Berlin is a dope place to skate. This spot doesn’t have huge ramps or half pipes, but it has all kinds of other smaller objects like curbs, ledges, rails, mini ramps, quarter pipes and a great flat surface. Flat surfaces like these in combination with these objects create a great skate spot. No wonder the skate park has a high rating amongst skaters. A plus is the street art wall; it gives this spot an urban feel.

Berlin: a great place to skate

Man, you just can’t get enough of Berlin. This city just has the greatest urban feel to it and you can recognise it everywhere you go. There aren’t just some random skate spots in the city, almost all are pretty great. From beginner to pro, Berlin is definitely not bad for skaters. Now you know some of Berlin’s best skate spots, check some other spots all around the world out in CityLegends.