The best skate spots of Barcelona

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Where to skate in Barcelona? Basically anywhere, the city is the perfect match for skaters. The urban concrete terrain which covers most of the city provides some legendary DIY skate spots already. There’s a lot to skate on the streets of Barcelona. First there are loads of open areas designed for skaters. Second, there are a lot of curbs, ledges, rails and other cool obstacles on the streets. You can get anywhere by your skateboard in Barcelona which is pretty rare for large cities. Looking for the best place to be? You’re at the right spot. 

Everything you want as a skater: Skate Agora

This absolute legendary spot is called Skate Agora. At this spot the best skateboarding competitions take place. The location is insane, it is 15 minutes away from the center of Barcelona and lies next to a beach. The skate park has 3 difficulty levels: Advanced, intermediate and beginner. There’s enough room for all 3 because the skate park is 1250m2, how sick? Skate Agora is a public skate park which you can access any time you feel like it. When in Barcelona make sure to check out this absolute legend of a skate park. 

Facilities - Skate Agora
Credits: Skate Agora


Skate park Favència: Bowling Barcelona

If you like bowls, go here. This small skate park has 3 overlapping bowls and an area with a rail, mini ramps, curbs and ledges. A lot of variety for a skate park of this size! The bowls require some level of skill, but other than that it’s pretty beginner friendly and you’re good to go. A sick touch of the skate park is the trees and benches on the side. It gives you a chance to chill and skate at the same spot.

Picnic DIY Skatepark: skate free

This free entry skate park is the most creative one in Barcelona. In here you have all the room to experiment with skateboarding. You won’t have many large obstacles at this skate park, you do have a lot of open space and some mini obstacles and ramps. It’s cool that there are places like these where skaters can go crazy experimenting and build their skill. The one of a kind decorations and street art at this park make this spot extra special. 

Picnic DIY skatepark - Trucks and Fins
Credits: Trucks and Fins

Mar Bella skatepark

Mar Bella skate park is one of the most beautiful in Barcelona . The Spanish beaches just give that extra touch to the ambiance of the park. But also the bowls are beautiful, making your epic line look extra sweet. Speaking of bowls, the biggest star of the park are the huge and steep bowls. The bowls vary in height so there’s enough space  to experiment. If you’re not that much into bowls, there also are a few benches at the skate park, would recommend just going to this spot to try it out! 

Mar Bella skatepark

Skatepark la Marina

La Marina is a new skate park in Barcelona. The place is great because of  its great ramps, bowls, quarter pipes, rails, curbs, ledges and basically everything. The bowls in particular are really wide which creates loads of room to skate. The shape of the park is one of a kind with 3 main skate areas and a lot of overflow in the middle. The skate park connects the area together and is a sick addition to Barcelona! 

Skatepark La Marina

Skate park Baró de Viver

Underneath the highway lies this Spanish skate spot that had to be included in this blog. This skate spot is a classic, the local skate community loves this spot. The skate park has a lot of organic shapes with round edges which makes this park kind of a mini bowl. Other cool obstacles in  this park are stairs, handrails, curbs, ledges and mini ramps. This skate spot is perfect for all skills. From beginners to pros who like to skate on a one of a kind terrain. 


You can’t find many cities that have this much out of this world skate spots. Barcelona is the king in urban spots all around the city and has great skate parks too. The variety is actually insane and it’s all so close together! Barcelona is not only great for skateboarding If you’re into other urban sports like BMX, aggressive inline or parkour Barcelona is a great place to visit. If you want to find more spots or just want to have a great time, check out  CityLegends for your next spot!