Best scooter spots Torrance - LA

Emmy Schouten

North High School

In North Torrance is a great scooter spot. North High School has plenty of concrete to explore. There are concrete ledges perfect for a grind. You can also perfect your wall ride here. It has obstacles all over. You can try out some tricks in the sun or the shade ;). Visit it when school’s out! Otherwise you might risk getting busted.

Harbor City Recreation Center

This recreation center is a super tight community! Events and much more are organised here. Everybody is welcome to try some scooter tricks in this chill park. It is a sunny green scenery perfect for a day out. The concrete is packed with everything you need. It has multiple bowl sections decorated with yellow details. This bowl is clover shaped and super challenging. You can really test your scooter skills in this park. On the edge of the park is a nice ramp. You can combine this with some rails and ledges. Try out some new combo’s and push yourself! All kinds of urban sports are welcome here. This is of course awesome, but it can get quite busy in the weekends. Best to try it out during weekdays. You’ll have plenty of space for your stunt scooter tricks. It is open 7 days a week. They even have lights for when it get dark. You can ride here from dusk till dawn!

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Wilson Park

If you’re looking for a nice street spot, Wilson Park is the place. This is a normal park with plenty of fun obstacles. Check out the 3-stair near the playground. It is a super fun spot with handrails and ledges as well. You can cruise down the concrete path and speed-up for some airtime. This is the perfect spot to practice your bar spins. The green grass can break your fall ;). You can also practice some of your other jumps in this park. Maybe jump over a trash-can or explore the fountain ledges. Wilson Park has plenty to offer.

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Torrance Beach Boulevard

This is by far the prettiest spot on the list! Torrance has the nicest ocean-view and sunsets. Beach Boulevard is a super smooth cruise. Along there are benches, ledges, stairs and everything you can dream of. It is the best combination between scootering and sunny oceans. Imagine yourself trying out some scooter stunts with the sunset in the back. It doesn’t get better than that. Make sure to add this spot to your list.