Best parkour spots of Groningen

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Groningen is a great city for parkour, there are tons of spots fit for freerunners. The urban sports community is very upcoming in Groningen, and so are parkour spots. Loads of spots are added to the spot map in CityLegends every day, check it out if you want to explore parkour spots to its fullest. If you’re more into skateboarding, check out the blog for the best skate spots of Groningen. When you’re more into parkour and want to know the best parkour spots of Groningen, read along!

Groningen Station: Station to parkour

Groningen’s train station is the station for parkour. If you’re ever close you should totally check it out. The parkour spot has tons of obstacles like rails, poles, gates and walls. This makes the parkour spot great for vaults, jumps and other rad tricks. The spot is great for improving creative use of terrain. That is what makes freerunning (at this spot) so cool, creating your own obstacles. Make sure to take a train stop at this spot. 

Station Groningen

TheSpot: where parkour happens

The spot TheSpot is by their sayings the place where parkour happens. It's A brand new indoor parkour park in the middle of Groningen.This sick spot provides parkour lessons and a great place for freerunning. The dope indoor activities make this spot one of the best indoor parkour spots in Groningen. Summarized: TheSpot is the spot to parkour indoors. Looking for other parkour spots? Jump to the next paragraph.  


Best CityLegends parkour spots Groningen

These spots come straight out of CityLegends. These are the best rated parkour spots in Groningen. With all of them ranking higher than 4 out of 5 these earned a spot on this blog. For more info about these spots, check CityLegends. 

Spot: Vrydemalaan

This spot is a rad spot to parkour with bars. Bars are great for calisthenics and freerunners, the possibilities are endless. With a 4.4 out of 5 rating the parkour spot is definitely worthy of this list. Go check it out!

Spot: JumpXL Groningen

This spot in Groningen is perfect for freerunners who love to do flipping as well. JumpXL is a parkour park focused on trampoline. You’ll have an absolute dope time in there doing all kinds of flips. The spot is rated with a 4.4 out 5, give it a go!

Credits: JumpXL

Spot: The rusty Pilars

This spot is a great example of a creative parkour spot, the pillars weren’t originally built for parkour, but freerunners saw these as great objects for parkour. The pillars are much loved by the community with a 4.5 out of 5 rating in the app. 

Groningen: A great city for parkour

The greatest parkour spots are the ones people invent themselves. That’s why there are many parkour spots featured straight from CityLegends. The place where spots are created and rated by the parkour community. After our collaboration with Groningen, much more urban sports spots are found in the city. Which is great!