Best parkour spots Glendale

Emmy Schouten


FR3RUNNING SOCIETY is a community staple! With a team of 4 trainers, they provide the best parkour training. They host sick events, and all ages and skill levels can train here. Even the “ninja tots” from 1-3 can go here. Inside the parkour gym are plenty of obstacles. You can practice vaulting, flips, jumps, and even wallruns! Besides parkour classes, you can also visit the open gym on Fridays. That means you can freely explore the gym yourself. The design inside is super sleek with black details. Everything has safety features and a soft floor mat. Would you visit FR3RUNNING SOCIETY?

Glendale Community Church

A well known spot in the urban scene is this church. Skateboarders have visited this spot for some time now. The side of the building has this sick spiral-staircase. You can recognise it by the checkered-floor and black rails. It is amazing for parkour tricks! You can really practice your cat leaps, tic-tac’s or parkour rolls. The whole building has great ledges, as the skateboarders should know ;). But these are also great for perfecting your parkour jumps. Be respectful to the people and the building. That way you will not risk being send away.

Parkour jump

Maple Park

You can really get creative in Maple Park. The place is packed with all different kinds of obstacles. Starting with the basic picnic tables. Here they are made of concrete and spaced perfectly for a parkour run! With enough speed, you can cover these in a few jumps. Or if you need more vault practice these work great too. But that’s not what makes this park special. Maple Park has its own calisthenic’s equipment! This area is amazing for parkour training. You have multiple different obstacles were you can practice tricks or built strength. There are a few bars with different heights. It is also great for practicing front or backflips. Don’t worry about falling here, the whole floor is made of soft wood chips.

Postoffice Broadway

Another known spot among the urban community is this postoffice. This iconic stair-set is not only great for skating. You have hand-rails in the middle perfect for parkour moves. It is two concrete blocks on the side. From these ledges you can practice precision jumping, or even your rolls onto the grass. On the side of the building are also a few obstacles. You can find these near the side-entrance. These are perfect for your wall climbs and other parkour basics. Design your own parkour course here!

Tip: Looking for some beginner parkour tricks? Check out this page.

Parkour jump over stairs

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These are just a few of our favourite parkour spots in Glendale. But there are many more parkour places to explore. You can check out the other public parks or just go onto the streets! Show us what you think of our favourite Glendale spots on CityLegends.