From streets to stadiums: The Breaking DNA of B-boy Lee

Emmy Schouten

This summer, Lee-Lou Demierre (23), better known as B-boy Lee will take the Olympic stage in Paris. On August 10, this upcoming B-boy will represent the Netherlands. Breaking will make its Olympic debut this year! For him, breaking isn’t just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll tell you Lee’s story.

In his DNA

Lee grew up in Amsterdam. He started with breaking the moment he could walk. At age 2, that’s insane! His biggest inspiration for this early start was his mother. She was a talented B-girl herself. Hip-hop and breaking were part of the daily routine in household Demierre. His mom taught him to enjoy every moment and dance with his heart. His first moves were him mimicking his mom’s skills. B-boy Lee takes this breaking DNA with him to every show. One thing is for sure, his passion for the sport is unmatched.


Crew matters most

In 2010, Lee joined The Ruggeds, a crew from Eindhoven. For him, The Ruggeds are more than a sports association or club. They are a family. The Ruggeds are known for their style and originality. There is no coach involved. It is a super personal and tight crew. They train together and inspire each other. It is a combination of trying out new moves and supporting each other on and of the floor. When someone tries a new move, everybody builds on that. It sparks new ideas and skills. This makes them a world class breaking group. For the Olympics, he trains with India Sardjoe (18) and Menno van Gorp (35). Although the age gaps are quite big, they are super tight as well. They know and support each other since day one. Menno and Lee are also in Red Bull BC One All Stars together. For Lee, the breaking community is the most important thing in life.

All about the music

We all know how important music is for breaking. The beats and rhythms determine the dance. Lee has been into music from a young age. The old school hip-hop influences from his mom combined with Kanye and Erykah Badu inspire him. So much that he started producing himself! He is known as Waterbreh on Soundcloud. His productions perfectly fit his breaking style with tight beats and unique flows. Music is another major outlet for his creativity. It helps him with new rhythms and styles. But breaking of course remains his first love ;).

B-boy battle

Moves and style

Lee is a true all-rounder. He is creative, with a unique style and powerful moves. He wants to perform a show, not just show moves. His transitions tie the routine together. He connects his groundwork with freezes flawlessly. It makes him stand out, a routine to remember. Since you can’t pick the music, it can be hard to create a dance. But not for Lee. He is amazing with rhythms and can easily spot the BPM. This helps him with connecting moves. He never fails to put out a sick routine. Make sure to keep an eye out for B-boy Lee on August 10th in Paris!