From streets to stadiums: Anthony Jeanjean keeps BMX freestyle French

Emmy Schouten

Anthony Jeanjean (26) is one of the most dedicated BMX riders there is. He has been riding for over 14 years. All these BMX skills will be put to the test in Paris. Can the Frenchman keep the gold in France?

FISE Montpellier

Anthony started BMX at 10 years old. He visited FISE Montpellier and was instantly in love. Pro BMX riders and skateboarders all over the world compete here. It is one of the biggest street tournaments in France. The crowds and stages are huge. From that moment, Anthony knew he wanted to be part of the scene. He was instantly super talented with loads of creative skills. Quickly joining big tournaments and collecting prizes. Even competing in Montpellier himself in preparation for the Olympics. A dream come true.

BMX air trick

A lot of gold

His sick BMX stunts earned him a lot of medals. Anthony was the first ever French European BMX freestyle champion. He won 3x gold on the European Championships freestyle park. In 2023 he also added a silver medal to this collection. Anthony has been one of the biggest BMX freestyle riders for 5 years now. He is also successful outside of Europe. Winning bronze on the 2022 World Urban Championships. Anthony was one of the BMX riders competing for France in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This was a huge milestone for him. Although he finished outside of the podium, it was an amazing experience. Being able to compete with the world’s best BMX riders pushed Anthony. It is one of the reasons for his current unstoppable form.

No nerves, just confidence

When he was younger, nerves were a big problem for Anthony. Especially in big tournaments. He knew that he had talent, but still had a lot to learn. Now he knows he belongs to the best riders in the world. Getting older and experiencing the Olympics helped him a lot. He now has the necessary confidence in himself and his bike. Anthony’s ego is only getting bigger and bigger with the French crowd behind him. The support is immense. Turning the pressure into positive energy. BMX freestyle practice is part of his daily routine. With clear goals ahead of him it’s easy. He wants to show the world how badly he wants the medal.

BMX air trick

Amazing form

This French support is only adding to his amazing recent form. He won the OQS Shanghai, one of the major qualifying rounds for BMX freestyle. His goal is clear, keeping the gold medal in France. The combination of recent wins and a French crowd rooting for him makes him the perfect candidate. Tokyo is complete out of his mind. Only looking forward, Anthony’s vision is gold. You can watch him compete July 30th. And hopefully, in the BMX freestyle final July 31st!

Olympic Rings and Eiffeltower