Skateboarding in a bowl: 3 epic bowl tricks

Lilly Pennings

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Bowl skating is really a whole different skill all at once. The freedom and level of skill you need for a bowl is pretty crazy. To effortlessly bowl skate, a few tricks can really help. Let’s level up your game and conquer the skate bowl like a pro. We've got the scoop on the sickest tricks to pull off and dominate that concrete playground. Let's dive in and get going.

Tip: Equip yourself with safety gear before attempting these next level tricks.


Bowl cruising

Trick 1: Airborne awesomeness - hollow drops

  • Hollow drops will take your airtime to new heights.
  • With a bold drop-in, first launch yourself into the air to get some airtime.
  • Then drop in the bowl.
  • Feel the rush as you come down, landing with style and finesse.

This way your transitions in the bowl will go down smoothly. Be careful when trying hollow drops, but don’t hesitate once you go for it.

Trick 2: Grindin' greatness - smith grinds

  • Get your grind on! The Smith grind is smooth and iconic.
  • Approach the edge of the bowl at an angle, lock your back truck on, and grind away.
  • Slide gracefully into the bowl. There you go!

With this move you will glide along the rail of the bowl smoothly. This makes conquering transitions and corners really fun. Try to grind as long as you can, because it’s fun.

Bowl skating

Trick 3: Flippin' madness - kickflip melons

  • Ready to flip the script? Kickflip melons are next-level.
  • Approach the curved sides of the bowl with speed.
  • Launch yourself into the air at the edge.
  • Pop that board and flick your foot, sending it spinning beneath your feet (a kickflip).
  • Catch the board and stomp that landing, blowing minds in the process.


Go with the flow: Do what you think is right

  • Consider your skill level, confidence and the level of difficulty you want to achieve.
  • Think about the tricks that make you feel alive and bring that fire to your skating.
  • Whether you go for aerial dominance, grind like a boss, or flip out with style. Choose the trick that speaks to you and practice the hell out of it.

Bowl drop in

Conclusion: Bowl domination awaits

Alright skaters, now you've got the lowdown! These top tricks will take your skate bowl game to new heights. Whether you opt for adrenaline-pumping hollow drops, smooth and stylish Smith grinds, or mind-blowing kickflip melons. You'll become the legend of the bowl.

So, strap on those pads, drop into the bowl and leave your mark like a hero. Embrace the skate life, push your limits, and let the bowl become your terrain. When confident, post a clip of your bowl skateboarding to CityLegends.