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Skateboarding is CityLegends' longest friend. This skill was a part of the plan since day one. Because dope street athletes like skateboarders were looking for new spots and a community platform, our app was created. Skateboarding is an important skill because it has a leading role in urban sports culture and is the first urban sport to make it to the Olympics. Skateboarders can post their stuff on our app, get likes and comments on their post, can map spots, own them and compete in sick battles for cash!


We respect skateboarding as an urban sport. It's one or our dope main skills in our app and adds a lot to the the urban community. Never has skateboarding had a worldwide community platform made for them, that is why we are here to give skateboarding and other urban sports a platform. We update the urban community about everything going on in- and outside the app and ask for their view. That is why CityLegends is connected to skateboarding and want to make impact by being the world's most engaged community!


CityLegends lets you explore the streets in a different way. Because skaters often know the best spots to skate, everyone in the app can create spots all over the world! If you don’t know where to go; or you want to explore something new, just use the app to visit your next spot. The spots are mapped by the community for the community. This way we build a dope worldwide engaged community platform. Find spots, showcase your skill, upload a clip and own the spot. Here are the best skate spots all over the world.

Pier15 - Skatepark


One of the most beautiful skate parks in Europe lays in Breda, the Netherlands. There is a an outdoor bowl and a terrace to vibe, make friends and build your skate skills! Every skateboarder can do their dope tricks here in Breda.

I-Punkt Skateland


I-Punkt Skateland is a skate hall in Hamburg with an indoor surface of 1500sqm. Also, there is an outside area with a surface of 1800qm. In this park there are definitely obstacles for the pros.

Oslo Skatehall


Oslo Skate hall in Norway is one of Scandinavia’s best skate parks with: an indoor vert, a bowl, and an outdoor skate area for the people who prefer to skate outside, brrr!

Fernside Skatepark


If you’re an Aussie you must know the skate park on the corner of Elizabeth and McEvoy. Which has 1, 2, 3 and 6 stairs, a half-pipe and an open area! All you can find in Citylegends!

AVE/Park, Warschau


This modern skatepark in Warswaza Poland has all the professional: wooden ramps, verts, halfpipes, quarterpipes and grinding surfaces you want! Spread over a surface of 500m²!

Skatepark Piura


The Skateplaza is placed in downtown Piura in Peru, 5 blocks away from the main plaza of the municipality and church. It is an outdoor skatepark with a concrete foundation. Cool right?!


NAME: Jesse Okoduwan

AGE: 20


INSPIRATION: Out of curiosity, I got on a skateboard once and continued with the sport, eventually also getting into the BMX and scooter world :) 

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Jesse Okoduwan

NAME: Sietse Grommen

AGE: 20

ORIGIN: Geleen, NL

INSPIRATION: I started skating because urban sports always attracted me, and skating suited me best, after trying everything a bit.

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Sietse Grommen

NAME: Jordan Zapa Martinez

AGE: 24

ORIGIN: Barcelona, ES


A friend let me use his skateboard, and I fell in love with the sport.

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Jordan Zapatillas
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