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Scooter: The sport of the young urban athletes. Scooter is an accessible urban sport where you use a scooter do your tricks. The urban sport is mostly popular with youngsters because it is: accessible, fun, daring, trending, dope, versatile and very playful. It is a cool way to let the community explore the urban scene. The urban sport is also done by older pros or beginners which we also welcome to CityLegends!


Scooter attracts us because it is a urban sport with many possibilities. We want to help scooter kids (and adults) to have a platform which includes these talented people. Finding connection with likeminded people is one of the main reasons CityLegends is a thing. We all want to inspire each other to make a great engaged urban community. Since many of them are young, we guide them with activities within the app to have the most fun! We work with people of the scene to create the best experience urban athletes can have. This is why users post so much dope stuff, to be part of the community.


You can show your sick scooter skills anywhere, but at some spots; you can do them even better. CityLegends spots, spots specially created for the urban sport where you can showcase all of your talents and have fun! For beginner and advanced. We're here to get the best spots in one platform: CityLegends. Scooter loves ramps and challenging obstacles, you can't find enough of these spots worldwide. These are some of our best scooter spots.

Picture 1.png


DIY Neverland bron is a typical old-fashioned skate spot. Full of graffiti and ideal obstacles to use for: scoot, skate, BMX and inline. Places like these who have a nostalgic 90’s feel to them keep urban culture alive where urban athletes can go crazy in!

Picture 2.png


Based in Rotterdam and over 25 years of experience, 3,000m² of surface area and 25,000 visitors a year makes Skateland one of the leading skate parks in the Netherlands! Skateland offers the total package with: events and competitions, an outdoor terrace and an extensive lesson program. A great place to boost your skills!

Picture 3.png


This skatepark in Marbella, Spain. Is a really good skatepark for scoot, skate and BMX. There are some nice rails and ledges. Also there are, 2 big bowls where you can make some good airs and flyouts!

Picture 4.png


Wicked Woods has been a top address among indoor parks in Germany for over 20 years now. This is the place for: BMX, scooter, skateboard and inline skate. The park is located in Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia) and offers a total of 1200m²!

Picture 5.png


An outdoor skate park based in Liege, Belgium. This outdoor park has a variety of obstacles. In the park you have: blows, curbs, ledges, a hubba, a snake, a run, a mini corner, a plan incline, a small flat ground, a flat rail and even more rails.

Picture 6.png


At SKILLS PARK, the following areas are just waiting for you to be explored when you have wheels to roll on. You can find basically everything you need here to show your scoot talents!


NAME: Sven van der Velden

AGE: 17

ORIGIN: Haastrecht


My friends got me in to scootering but they stoped and I continued.

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Sven van der Velden

NAME: CJ Dunning

AGE: 18



Watched ryan williams and got a scoot of my brother over 11 years ago.

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CJ Dunning

NAME: Luke Hale

AGE: 14

ORIGIN: Melton Mowbray

INSPIRATION: I started riding scooters at a young age and quit for a few years then decided to get back into it and then i started to progress very quickly

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Luke Hale
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