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Bijgewerkt op: 20 mrt. 2022

The urban scene is rising. Also in Groningen! Various urban scenes and stakeholders become familiar with each other which will strengthen future collaborative power.

Citylegends will host an event in Groningen! This in collaboration with @gemeentegroningen, @dirtparkgroningen, @colloseum and @abcgroningen. We are also going to host the week after, full of workshops on unique locations throughout the city. It is our ambition to show the urban side of Groningen during this event. Below you will find an overview of the event and the week thereafter!

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Join the event on the 18th of September where non-urban youth can meet with urban and the already existing community. Workshops of the following urban skills will be held: skateboarding, BMX, parkour and graffiti. The week after the event (the 20th till the 24th of September), there will be held workshops on different urban locations.


The event on the 18th will take place at the parking lot at Concourslaan, Groningen (also known as Verzamelplaats CSG, Groningen). The locations of the workshops in the following week can be found at the bottom of this article!

PROGRAM (18/9/21):

Experience urban’ | 10:00-13:00 Our target group is youngsters who are not yet practicing urban. These young people are connected through social media, elementary schools, community sports coaches and cultural coaches;

Urban sports workshops (BMX, skate, parkour);

Urban arts workshop (graffiti);

Online games: participate in the online street games for beginners in the CL-app 'do the coolest trick you learned'. Then win a cool prize;


o Basic skate- and BMX funbox, BMX-ramp with airbag;

o Basic parkour set-up, 6x6m airtrack and tumbling track;

Show urban, compete & chill’ | 13:00-18:00 Our target group is the existing urban athlete, the top performers and the city as a spectator.

Street games plus jury: skate-, BMX-, parkour contest; There will be 'jams' and small contests such as game of skate and game of stick. You can register online in advance. Four top skaters will be selected by the local community and four top skaters can prove themselves in an online City Legends challenge. Prize money and unique items will be given away with the help of local shops and partners;

Urban arts: graffiti workshops till 16:00;

Online games: Take part in the online street games for experienced athletes in the CL app 'do the craziest trick of the day'. Then win a cool prize;

Materials: Unique objects on which you can do cool tricks.

Entire day:

— For the entire day, local clubs, shops, drink and hip food stalls are invited, and music is provided;

— Event management by CityLegends;