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As street artists of the concrete jungle, we live by our own code, pushing our limits and exploring the art of movement. In this post, inspired by the spirit of the parkour culture, we'll show you the best parkour beginner tricks to empower your game and become a CityLegend.

Before we start. Would you like to watch more parkour tricks?

If so, CityLegends connects you with a community of fellow freerunners who provide tips, guidance, and inspiration for perfecting your tricks. CityLegends aims to be a platform where you can find the best clips, spots, contests and tricks. Also, you’ll be able to document your progress, inspire others with your accomplishments, and learn from fellow balance enthusiasts. Download the app here!

Let's get onto the top 10 parkour tricks!

1. SHOULDER ROLL (00:16)

In the concrete jungle, rolling isn't just for the dice – it's a vital skill in a freerunners arsenal. Master the shoulder roll, a move that enables you to seamlessly absorb momentum and distribute impact as you execute daring jumps and landings. You can embrace the essence of parkour by transforming wild, uncontrolled drops into graceful, calculated manoeuvres.

2. DIVE ROLL (02:17)

Immerse yourself in the art of fluidity with the dive roll. This move combines bravery and agility. Allowing you to control and soar through the air, tumbling and rolling with control and precision. Time to conquer any obstacle that stands in your path!

3. SAFETY VAULT (04:37)

When it comes to parkour, safety is key, and the safety vault embodies this core principle. Elevate your street acrobatics by adroitly placing your hand on an obstacle as you vault over it, ensuring a smooth and secure landing on the other side.

4. KONG VAULT (05:53)

Unleash your inner monkeyness as you conquer urban barriers with the kong vault – a move that exudes strength, agility, and raw power. Propel your body through the air, tucking your legs in while using your hands to drive forward. Defying gravity, and leaving people amazed by your skill. And most important, embrace the adrenaline rush as you crash through the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible.

5. SPEED VAULT (09:08)

Besides safety, also speed is key. You need to be fast. The speed vault is a helpful move for quickly jumping over obstacles. To do it, you run fast, put one hand on the barrier, and then jump over it. You will be able to easily jump over any obstacle in your way. Combine your speed with grace to become really good at parkour.


Challenge the laws of physics with the vertical wall run, combining explosive power and cat-like agility. Use your legs and upper body strength to run up tall walls. You will feel a rush as you defy gravity.

7. TIC TAC (13:33)

Use the tic tac move in parkour to add variety to your movements. With this move, you can gain momentum by jumping off different surfaces to change the direction you're going. As you move, keep jumping from one surface to another using the energy from each jump to propel you forward. You'll look like a human pinball as you easily move through the city with dynamism 😉.


This move allows you to run sideways along walls, like a superhero! You can explore the endless possibilities of the city as you move parallel to the ground. With horizontal wall runs, you can change your surroundings and create your own bold path.


In the world of parkour, precision is essential to crush new tricks and obstacles. Practice your jumps to get good at gauging how far and how high you need to go, so called “Precision Jumps”. Stay focused and committed to making your jumps smooth and land firmly on your feet.

10. STRIDES (19:19)

Experience the rhythm of your own movement with strides. This technique helps you cover long distances with just one big jump. Use your natural athleticism to gracefully propel yourself forward. Discover new levels of speed and elegance as you create your own path in the city.

Time to your inner freerunner with CityLegends!

Embrace the spirit of urban performance as you ignite your parkour journey armed with these ten exhilarating beginner tricks. And with the launch of CityLegends you have access to a dynamic community of parkour athletes and artists who can guide, inspire, and connect with you. So, let's lace up our parkour shoes, harness our creativity, and join the CityLegends community. Let the streets become your canvas.

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