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Good scooter gear is the cornerstone of safety and performance in this urban sport. Whether you're cruising through the streets or attempting daring tricks, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Investing in top-notch gear isn't just a choice. It's a vital step towards a safer and more uplifting experience on two wheels.



A well-maintained scooter is the key to success. A (stunt) scooter is made up of several elements. These are designed to keep up with freestyle scootering. You can make your own scooter, or get one that has all the different elements attached. Nonetheless, it's always important to know what you're riding! The most important and common elements:


The deck is the main 'platform'. It's where you stand on. Just like a skateboard, the shape and size can vary based on your preference. It's common to put grip tape on the deck. This will ensure, you can guess it already, that you have enough grip and security on the deck.


Next up, the handlebars. Also known as T-bars. With their t-shaped frame, they provide you your handles to hold on to! When you're not doing a bar spin, at least. You can put grips on the bars. This makes it, again, easier to hold on to and provide comfort while doing tricks.


Another essential, of course. The wheels will bring you from A to B and allow you to perform tricks on your scooter. Wheels come in different sizes and levels of hardness. Soft wheels will for example provide you with grip and smoothness. Whereas harder wheels will ensure more speed. It's up to your own preference!


Scootering with helmet

Just as important as the scooter itself, is safety. Safety always comes first. Protect yourself from head related injuries with a helmet. Make sure it's fitting and covers your whole head. To make it your own, look for a helmet that matches your style! To prevent yourself from breaking your wrists, wear some wrist guards. It's so damn easy to break your wrists while falling. Sp, make sure you don't! The same goes for kneepads and elbow pads. Protect your precious joints from doing them any harm. The fewer injuries, the more scootering!

It's important for riders to use high-quality gear. Whether it being for the scooter of your own safety: inspect your gear regularly! Maintain your style for optimal performance and your safety for the fewer risks. Now, gear up and let's get to it!

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