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One of the most legendary parkour spots in the world is located in Eindhoven, a city in North-Brabant, The Netherlands. It's called 'Castle Garden'. It's a unique spot for parkour that you can’t find anywhere else in the Netherlands. If you need the location, you can download the parkour app 'CityLegends' and use this link. Which will lead you right to this spot.

Parkour spot - Castle garden in Eindhoven

Credits to pkorg


Castle Garden is one of the coolest and most popular parkour parks in the Netherlands. This spot is located at Kastelenplein Street. It used to be a (wheelchair) entry that led to a sauna but nowadays this spot has become an abandoned terrain. A while back this spot was discovered by Bart van der Linden. The parkour park consists of walls, platforms, bars, and roofs. The combination of these elements creates a spot for free runners with many possibilities and challenges.

Castle garden Eindhoven - Parkour

Credits to pkorg


This parkour park is popular among the Dutch freerunning community and beyond. In the Netherlands, the infrastructure is built as efficiently as possible, unlike in some other countries. Unfortunately, this sucks for free runners because the more walls, the better. What makes Castle Garden unique is that there’s a lot of height difference between the walls which is a rare sight in a flat country as the Netherlands.


Think you can reach Castle Garden just like that? Sike. The terrain is surrounded by a fence which you have to climb but don’t get discouraged. The Eindhoven freerun community has permission to practice their parkour tricks on this terrain. This spot is even maintained by the local free runners. Even though the fence can be a pain in the ass to reach the area, the fence also has its benefits. You won’t be bothered by any passers by or traffic close to the spot. Sounds like a solid private parkour spot if you ask me.


Eindhoven has a vibrant parkour community. Professional freerunners from all over the world travel to Eindhoven to train at Castle Garden. The first street competition was hosted at this spot in 2019. During the Commit Freerun event 'Own the spot' a speed competition was held here. Some of the best free runners participated in this. Castle Garden was the ideal spot for the freerun competitions. Check the street competition video of Storror here:



Castle garden is an absolute banger of a parkour spot. There is so much history here, and great a meeting place to find fellow freerunners from Eindhoven, the Netherlands and all over the world. Definitely pay it a visit, and upload your parkour video to CityLegends if you feel like leaving your mark. For even more spots stay tuned for blog updates, or check out our parkour app CityLegends:

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