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Lisbon, a perfect city for parkour. Amongst freerunners Lisbon is known as one of the best cities of the world to parkour. The Portuguese city has tons of reasons to be a legendary parkour spot. But mostly it’s because of their sick terrain, Lisbon has many cool urban structures which are great for parkour. The terrain is a really cool mix between old and modern buildings, staircases, narrow streets, plazas, parks, you name it! This blog we'll tell you all about the legendary parkour city Lisbon and its spots.

Parkour park Lisbon
Credits: Arlindo Camacho
View Lisbon
Credits: Katya Shkiper


Miraflores Parkour area
Credits: AMPISOUND Youtube Channel

One of the great spots in Lisbon to parkour is Miraflores, it’s a low-income area which has a lot of space for parkour. This spot is really popular amongst freerunners, urban athletes from all over the world visit Portugal to parkour and never miss this spot! The stairs, height differences, alleys and many types of concrete make it possible to do sick lines. If you want to, you can then post the clip of your trick on CityLegends and win some battles, check it out.


Line Team Parkour Lisbon
Credits: Line Team

Lisbon has a dope parkour community since the city is so fit for the urban sport. Everyone is very supportive and continue to challenge themselves and other freerunners. Such as the Line Team, local parkour group of Lisbon. Some of the biggest of the scene live in Lisbon, they find it the best city of the world if you want to do parkour every day. If you visit Lisbon you'll see freerunners everywhere, just the way it's supposed to be.


Exploring the city in the eyes of a freerunner is a whole new experience, which is why videos about it are so popular. Parkour is trending in Lisbon but here to stay, this shows the importance of the urban sports community. Big sponsors like Red Bull hosted a parkour competition in Lisbon and steel sees the city as elite for parkour. Lisbon is one of the greatest examples of a great parkour city.

There are many dope parkour spots, Lisbon’s urban terrain is one of the best for parkour in the whole wide world. Almost everywhere in Lisbon is an opportunity to parkour, the city is just great to freerun. But when lost for spots and finding nothing new online, check CityLegends for the best parkour spots made by the community, for the community.

Rooftop spot parkour AMPISOUND Lisbon
Credits: AMPISOUND Youtube Channel
Credits: CityLegends


Lisbon really has it all, the spots and the community make this city a legendary spot. It’s dope to see how parkour is really celebrated in this city. Freerunners love Lisbon and the urban culture is more alive then ever. We really recommend checking Lisbon and its great parkour spots out if you ever have the chance to. What are you waiting for?

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