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We're back with a new competition, this time for the ladies! From August 16th 2021 we’ll host an online competition in collaboration with @Girlsshred where girls worldwide can show your skills by uploading a video and make it through the battles! The competition takes place via the CityLegends app. Make sure to download the app beforehand and get ready to like the sickest content!


Firstly, we hold a battle round of which the top 16 go through with the most likes. Followed by 1 vs 1 BATTLES in a knock-out tournament. You upload a trick/line and the jury (@evelienbooyah and @girlsshred) decides who will go to the next round until we get to the final.

First battles: Aug 16 - Aug 22 (the 16 best skaters will go to the next round)

1/8th finals: Aug 23 - Aug 29

Quarter finals: Aug 30 - Sep 5

Semi-finals: Sep 6 - Sep 12

Finals: Sep 13 - Sep 20

All girls will upload their tricks/lines in the CityLegends app during those rounds.


1. During all battle rounds, you must upload video's of at least 5 seconds long

2. The uploaded content must be recorded in the week of the event

3. The clips must be uploaded on time (before the deadline)

4. No spam votes or you're out!

We’ll give updates and reminders on the battles every week on our Instagram, so make sure to follow @citylegendsofficial!


  1. First battle - gain the most likes on your video (the 16 video's with the most likes will go to the knock-out phase)

  2. 1/8th finals - gain the more likes then your opponent (and go to the next round)

  3. Quarter, semi and finals will be judged by a jury plus a fan-vote


The top 3 skaters will get:

1. Unique skate deck + €100

2. €75

3. €50

Every winner gets a shirt plus a limited edition sticker package. Let's roll!

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