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Looking for a parkour app to connect with fellow freerunners? Then you’ve come to the right place. Since we -Freerunners- ,want to explore the world, we need the right tools to do so. Luckily, we've scoured the internet to bring you a list of the best parkour apps available. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or a seasoned pro seeking to push your limits, these apps will take your parkour skills to new heights. Let's dive in!


Parkour app Citylegends

CityLegends is community-driven platform made by street athletes and artists. This parkour app serves as a digital place to connect with fellow freerunners, sharing tips and tricks, and finding the best parkour spots in your city.

Also, it’s building a worldwide competitions which everyone can enter. Beginner, experienced or pros. You upload clips into battles and win even merch and cash with it!

CityLegends is designed to inspire and unite the parkour community worldwide. So, if you want to level up your parkour game, explore the world or check out content? Then CityLegends is a great app for you.

Key Features:

  • Spot map with spots you can conquer

  • Filter spots by reviews and ratings to help you find the best spots

  • Save your favorites spots, and clips

  • Feed with clips

  • Able to win cash with flips!

  • Battles, tournaments and challenges

  • Leaderboards and rankingsystem

  • Parkour events (Coming back soon)

  • Connect with others

You can download CityLegends here:


Parkour app

For those seeking an app dedicated to parkour and freerunning, UrbnJumpers is an excellent choice. This comprehensive app offers a wide range of spots, tutorials, training programs, and trick lists to help you enhance your skills and creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, UrbnJumpers has something for everyone. Unfortunately, the app sometimes goes offline, so keep an eye out if it's online!

Key Features:

  • Parkour spot map

  • Create jams

  • Upload and share clips

  • Tutorials covering various parkour techniques and movements

  • Customizable training programs tailored to your skill level

  • Fun challenges and obstacles to push your limits

Learn more about UrbnJumpers:


HoriznPK is a parkour app designed to explore sports, and to conquer urban environments. It’s focus on creating a map with spots, freerunners and possibly more in the future? The app is quite new, so there aren’t a lot of spots on it yet. But, what isn’t there yet. Could follow

Key Features:

  • Spot map

  • Add objects/tags to spots

  • Check other athletes

You can check out this parkour app on:


Riders is an extreme sports app, but parkour is one the skills it included. With a vast community of athletes and trainers, Riders offers a wide range of tutorials and training programs to help you level up your parkour game.

Parkour app Riders

Key Features:

Tutorials covering parkour, stunt riding, and other action sports

  • Training programs by professional athletes

  • Social platform to connect with freerunners

  • Access to exclusive parkour events and competitions

Learn more about Riders: Riders Website


As the name suggests, Parkour Moves Technique Easy aims to simplify the learning process for novice freerunners. This app provides practical and easy-to-follow tutorials, breaking down complex parkour moves into simple step-by-step instructions. With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on technique, this app is perfect for beginners looking to build a solid foundation.

Parkour app Moves

Key Features:

  • Beginner-friendly tutorials for mastering basic parkour moves

  • Progress tracking to monitor your improvement over time

  • Helpful tips and visual demonstrations

  • Offline access to tutorials for on-the-go learning

Learn more about Parkour Moves Technique Easy in the Playstore.


Parkour app - Learn parkour

Another app to ‘Learn Parkour; is an app that caters to both beginners and advanced practitioners. With a vast library of tutorials, from basic movements to advanced tricks, this app offers a comprehensive learning experience. Take your parkour skills to the next level with Learn Parkour’s extensive training programs and challenges.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step tutorials for various parkour techniques and movements

  • Training programs designed for different skill levels

  • Advanced tutorials for mastering complex parkour tricks

  • Interactive challenges and quizzes to test your knowledge

You can download Learn Parkour on the App and Playstore.


While not exclusively focused on parkour, and since it isn’t an app but a website. Calisthenics Parks is a valuable resource for finding outdoor training areas and calisthenics parks which could be used for parkour, flips and tricks. With a worldwide directory of outdoor fitness spots, this website is good for freerunners who want to discover new training locations and connect with the local parkour community.

Calisthenics and parkour

Key Features:

  • Directory of outdoor calisthenics parks worldwide

  • User reviews and ratings to help you find the best spots

  • Map-based navigation for easy exploration

  • Option to add and share your favorite training locations

Learn more about Calisthenics Parks on:


Parkour app and game

Okay, okay. We all got that lazy day, that we don't want to go out. Be physical, pushing our limits and hurt our hands and knee's again. Sometimes, definitely when it rains. You just want to relax and game. And then is Mirror's Edge amazing parkour app, or more a game actually. Despite it's not really parkour, they have breathtaking graphics with immersive gameplay. The game allows you to experience the thrill of parkour through a virtual world. With its intricate level design and fluid movement mechanics, Mirror's Edge is legit.

Key Features

  • Stunning graphics and realistic parkour landscapes

  • Challenging levels that test your agility, speed, and decision-making skills

  • Engaging storyline of your parkour journey

You can check it out here:


Another game, with great parkour mechanism. This parkour like game, allows you to become a skilled assassin, traveling breathtaking cities throughout history. in which you need to Master the art of parkour as you climb, run, and jump through beautifully recreated historical settings. Immerse yourself in captivating storylines and unravel the secrets hidden within these iconic locations.

Key Features

  • Combine parkour with history and gaming

  • Diverse parkour abilities and combat skills to unleash your inner assassin

  • An acclaimed franchise loved by parkour enthusiasts and history buffs alike


Parkour is growing, and new apps have arisen over the years. From community-driven platforms to apps who are dedicated solely to parkour. To make your life a tad easier, or just to enter a game with parkour elements such as Mirrors Edge.

If you want to be more connected to the parkour community, feel free to download CityLegends. A community app for parkour, where you find the best spots, contest and fellow freerunners. We strive every day to make it better, and we also welcome your feedback.

Thanks for reading this blog, which was written by Jimmy Hermans. Street culture enthusiast, and co-founder of CityLegends. We hope it contributed to your parkour living. Now it’s time to grab your smartphone, download these apps, and start exploring the boundless possibilities of parkour!

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