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Parkour, the urban sport where people use the urban scene as a playground. There are a lot of obstacles to find in the urban scene, freerunners trick right over them. In parkour overcoming daring challenges and obstacles by constantly improving themselves is essential to the sport. Parkour is an urban sport which adds a sense of overcoming obstacles to the CityLegends app.



As an urban community platform; parkour is the fast-growing adventurous sport which adds dope challenges to the community. They have been a solid voice within CityLegends since the start and we respect the impact they make in the app. There aren't many parkour clubs,  CityLegends is the place where they can show off their skills, battle with the community and map their own parkour spots.  Parkour is a skill which connects different skills like flipping, which makes parkour an urban community sport. 


The parkour skill has the greatest number of spots in our app, there are hundreds of sick parkour spots. These spots are all over the world! Parkour spots give people a chance to explore the cool urban scene. Spots give inspiration to the CityLegends community since you also have a chance to own a spot you find awesome! No surprise that parkour spots are that popular, take a look at these sick CityLegends parkour spots:

Parkour Skúrinn


Is the first indoor Parkour facility in Iceland! It was built by volunteers who also manage the hall. In the summer of 2020, Parkour Island received funding from the City of Reykjavík through the "Our Summer City 2020" project to build the first parkour field in Iceland. Dope!

Freeway Park


Freeway Park is an urban park in Seattle, Washington, United States, connecting the city's downtown to the Washington State Convention Center and First Hill. It is an outside facility with great reviews in the Citylegends app. If you are ever close, check it out!

Central Park NY


Central Park is in located in the heart of New York City and has something for every kind of parkour fanatic. From rocks to stairs, grass to sand, there is something for everyone. let your own imagination run wild!

Tempest Freerun Valley


Tempest freerunning valley in Los Angeles USA, offers a real-world environment where you can learn everything: from the basics of parkour to the advanced manoeuvres and tricks of free running! They have locations in: the Valley, North County, Dallas/Southlake and South Bay.

Parkour Gym "Kraftwerk"


Kraftwerk is located in München. At Kraftwerk you can do tons of tricks and work with this unique scene they created. Free runners can use their natural movements for fast obstacle overcoming in Kraftwerk best!

GOJUMP Mateczny


Another spot in our app is: Gojump. The park is for people who want to try their hand at parkour. If you are here you will learn basic techniques with the help of impressive elements. The location is in Kraków, Poland.


NAME: Gideon Goff

AGE: 24

ORIGIN: Cleveland, Ohio

INSPIRATION: According to my parents, even before I could walk I was climbing on top of everything. And as I kid I would climb on the playground and jump off, so naturally it led me to parkour 

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Giddeon Goff

NAME: Koen Heijnen

AGE: 24

ORIGIN: Heythuysen, NL

INSPIRATION: I started parkour and freerunning when i was 16 in 2014. I am proudly part of the Dutch national team and sponsord by Minded Motion and CityLegends.

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Koen Heijnen
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