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Own Groningen

 Parkour - BMX - Skate - Scooter - Calisthenics 

Are you ready to Own Groningen? Follow the steps below to get started!


Find spots 
You can check the image above what spots apply to your skill.


Shoot your trick video
You can only own the spot by uploading clips that are shot on that exact spot! New or old is both fine.


download the citylegends-app
You can download the app in the Appstore or on Google Play with this link or by clicking above.


find your spot on the map 
You can search for the spots using the search function in the top bar.


upload your video
When viewing a spot click "Upload video" to
upload your tricks on that spot.



Own Groningen and claim prizes
You can check the leaderboards in app under the "Explore" tab. Don't lose your spot on top!

- Prizes -
#1 €25 voucher
#2 CityLegends T-Shirt
#3 CityLegends Stickerpack


If you have any questions shoot us a DM on our Instagram and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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