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Agressive inline skating is a mostly outdoor urban sport where they use skates to move and do their tricks. In the way BMX and Scooter use terrain of skateboarders and other urban sports, agressive Inliners do the same. Agressive inline has been out there since the 70’s, it first started out as rollerblading but has now turned into a cool, adventurous, urban use. Agressive inliners are limitless in the way they approach obstacles; the tricks are as cool as parkour or skate tricks. Agressive inliners are mostly found outside, but when they are in a skate park, they are most likely pros. And for our CityLegends app, they can be either one of them.


CityLegends is connected with agressive inliners because they are a huge part of the urban community. Agressive inliners and skateboarders used to be the two main urban sports for a long time and over the years many added on to them which is sick! CityLegends is an app for agressive inliners because they also have missed an urban community platform, and that’s wat we are for them. We host battles where they can showcase their skills, drive them to explore spots who we and the community think are perfect for agressive inliners and many more.


Cool agressive inline spots are everywhere! We provide agressive inliners with good spots to showcase their skill all over the world. Although it is difficult to find spots with nice terrain for agressive inliners, we want the best circumstances for them so they don't have to take off their skates to reach the spots; since reaching spots can come with wheel-unfriendly challenges. Here are the best places the urban community have found for agressive inline:

Picture 1.png
Picture 1.png


Check that space! 1,000 m2 Full of challenges for the coolest inline tricks. If you look for a place to improve your agressive Inline skills, Samcity is a good park to go to! They also have a cool skate shop if you need some stuff!

Picture 3.png
Picture 2.png


In this open air skatepark that is based in Černý. There is a wide variety of high quality obstacles. This park is ideal for skateboarders, scooters and agressive inline lovers!



This is one of Dubai’s best skateparks, as well as one of the newest. The park is very well built, has a good flow, and there’s a wide variety of things to agressive inline skate in. Go check it out in the CityLegends app and see what people have been up to at this spot!

Picture 2.png
Picture 4.png


This skatepark is located in Charlton. It is an unique designed concrete skatepark. This park has features for both street and traditional skateboarders/agressive inline skaters. Dope right?

Picture 5.png
Picture 5.png


Located in Morlaix, France. There is a new concrete skatepark. In this skatepark you will find: a Bowl with small curves with hips, spines, a bank and extension. The spot covers an area of 924 m². Great place to agressive Inline skate!

Picture 6.png


This skatepark in Taghazout was created with the community and for the community. People from all over the world are coming to this park to  agressive inline skate and skateboard. Which is great for makes this a great urban community place!


NAME: Joery van de Pol

AGE: 33

ORIGIN: Huelva

INSPIRATION: From a young age I loved equipment with wheels. I disliked the favoritism that was going on at the soccer field, so I quit. Since then, I was in the skatepark or on the street every day. With skating no one tells you what to do, you decide for yourself what kind of art you like to do.

Joery van de Pol
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Patrick Krämer

NAME: Patrick Krämer

AGE: 28

ORIGIN: Berlin


I went to the skatepark in my neighbourhood and saw good bladers doing tricks. The next time I took my inline skates and got help for the first drop. I love skating, it gets my head free, push me to my limits and meet friends over the world.

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